Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th June 2017  


Present  D Mattick, Ann Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, E Brooks


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report Payments made included the window cleaning. SV handed in an expenses claim for bin bags, paint and paper towels. 100 club results as follows. 1st Marguerite Cockroft, 2nd Margaret Nicklin and 3rd David and Joan Pattison.


Booking Clerk’s Report A children’s party had taken place on the 3rd and there was a tentative booking for a 40th birthday party on the 9th. As usual chairs, tables and other equipment from the Hall would be used at the village fair on the 16th. SV had arranged with Mendip that elections could be held in the small meeting room rather than the main hall thus avoiding having to cancel any bookings. However as Thursday’s sessions were already cancelled the main hall would be used on this occasion.


Correspondence 1) SV passed a receipt to DP which was from Permaframe for our payment re the front door lock. 2) SV had also received notification from the Community Council for Somerset about a “Managing your Community Building” workshop being run near Bridgwater in July. She did not wish to go but thought that Hall funds would cover the fee of £10 for anyone wishing to attend.



1) One more coat for RO to put on the supports of the sink in gent’s toilet. 2) The knocking sound from the kitchen taps had been solved by committee members. 3) DM had reviewed the risk assessment and went through the changes with the committee. We made several amendments to these including scrapping the suggestion of a 5mph limit in the car park. Re any asbestos check we agreed to leave this until any work should be needed in areas where asbestos could exist. DM to make the amendments and then give document to SV to sign off. 4) DM had been trying to contact Martin Miller re LED replacement lamps but had not been successful to date. 5) SV had weed killed car park. 6) Anthea Brooks had said her brother who works at a local quarry may be able to get us some gravel to top up the Hall car park. SV has had no further response to this, she has chased once and will try again in a couple of weeks. 7) On the same topic SV had asked David Sparks if he thought Tarmac could help with a gravel supply as we currently host an inspection panel for them but he had thought this unlikely. DM will ask again.8) More complaints received about overhanging trees in spite of some work by tree surgeon earlier in the year. Committee decided to review this again in the autumn. 9) RO said one of the table tennis nets had been broken and would try and repair it.


Fund raising RO finalised the rota arrangements for the Hall’s contribution at the village fair.



We had been given the offer of a 12 cup coffee machine from Peppers who no longer needed it. Initially committee members had thought we would not use it but on reflection thought we should accept and put it in the loft with a view to possible future use.


Date of next meeting 8.00pm Mon 3rd July. SV suggested no August meeting to be held.