Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 11th October 2017  


Present   E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, D Mattick


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report DP had prepared the annual accounts which had been sent to the accountant Graham King. He had also paid bills including those for the window cleaner and the electricity. Expense claim paid out to AO and new one given in by SV. The 100 club draw results were as follows: 1st Carol Haskins, 2nd Sue Rodford and 3rd Peter Bates.


Booking Clerk’s Report In view of the late date of the meeting the diary for October had been sent out earlier in the month. There were a lot of bookings in addition to our regular ones, a busy month.


Correspondence 1) SV had received  a Charity Commission Newsletter, the main point in this relevant to us being a reminder to send in the 2017 return which had already been done. There was an opportunity given to comment on the format of the 2018 version if we wished but DP felt this was not necessary as very little information has to be entered anyway. 2) SV had also received 2 items from the Community Council for Somerset. The first was in connection with training events they are holding which we had previously decided did not interest us and the second was about the Community Fund available for areas affected by the Hinkley Point C development which did not apply to us.



1) It was decided to review the exterior painting in the spring. 2)  DM had e mailed to say had asked a second electrician to quote for LED replacements for strip lights but had not yet been received. 3) RO reported there was still work to be done on the table tennis tables and had plans to complete this. 4) RO reported a further infestation of ants in the kitchen which had been treated, hopefully successfully. SV and AO did not notice any earlier that week but something we need to monitor. 5) SV confirmed with committee the plan to re-furbish the tables and padded chairs where possible on Saturday 4th November from 10am.


Fund raising Fete meetings not yet re-started.


AOB. 1) Smoke alarm had been tested as OK but did make a sound during the meeting although only briefly. 2) Coin box for heater only takes old £1 coins. DP to contact manufacturer re possible conversion to take the new ones. 3) All committee members present confirmed willing to stand again at AGM.


Date of next meeting 7.30pm Monday 6th November followed by the AGM at 8.00pm.