Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of AGM Held on 6th Nov 2017 8.00pm


Present   G Baker, E Brooks, C Cudmore, G Harris, A Orpwood, D Pattison, S. Vaughan


Apologies  D Mattick, B Wigmore


The Meeting was opened by the current chair S. Vaughan


Minutes of last year’s meeting were agreed and signed.


Annual Report and Accounts were presented to the meeting by SV and DP these having been approved earlier by the committee. DP reported on good balances with hire income up by 14%, a small increase in 100 club membership and another good pay out from the village fair. There had been a drop in fundraising income compared to the previous year mainly due to not running an autumn quiz.


In the Review of the Year Summary section of her Annual Report SV noted that the dishwasher had now been in place for almost a full year and appeared to have been a success. Most of the many other maintenance items had been minor. They included work on the kitchen taps, repainting the store room, re-organising the table storage and once again having the front door lock replaced by Permaframe. Most recently we had obtained a delivery of gravel to improve the pothole situation in the car park. She pointed out how much of the general maintenance was done by committee members and congratulated them on both their hard work and expertise. On bookings there had been no new regular ones during the year but those already existing were all continuing and appeared to be well supported. Some of the yearly bookings had become regular events such as the Arts and Crafts fair. The recent overnight hiring by some bellringers had been a success and we would welcome similar ones in the future. As referred to in the Annual Accounts fundraising had been down due to not running an autumn quiz but we were pleased to see a good attendance at the spring one compared to the previous year. She commented on the importance of maintaining good funds as per the Annual Accounts in view of likely future work such as replacing the flat kitchen roof when necessary.


Election of 2017/2018 Committee

AO, DM, DP, EB, GB, RO, BW and SV had already all agreed to stand again. We would appoint all officers at the next ordinary meeting as is the correct procedure for the AGM.



Graham Harris confirmed that the dishwasher had been very successful for the Active Living Centre lunches as although the process wasn’t quicker than hand washing it was far more efficient. Chris Cudmore reminded us we needed to apply soon for any Parish Council grant funding and SV explained we had already discussed this and would be letting DM know of our wishes. Following a question by SV Chris assured us there would be salt arriving later in the month to put in the container currently stored in our loft. Chris also mentioned the diversion of a footpath in the cemetery plot adjacent to the Hall car park.


The meeting was closed at 8.19pm.