Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd January 2018  


Present  G Baker, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Mattick, D Pattison, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent  E Brooks, B Wigmore


Signing of committee members list for the year starting 1st October 2017. EB and BW still to do.


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. Only payment had been for the electric use. Expenses claims were settled at the meeting and new ones submitted by SV and AO. DP explained he had still not produced planned financial analysis.  He thought a fire extinguisher check may be due from Chubb, RO will check. DP also queried if electrical installation report due this year, SV will check and advise.


Booking Clerk’s Report The booking on Christmas Day for a family party appeared to have gone well and SV felt this was something we could publicise by word of mouth to encourage similar bookings. The scenery for the school play was still in place and SV agreed to contact the school to get this removed as soon as possible. We also need to make it clear next year that it needs to come down much sooner. Good amount of bookings for January including a new exercise session by LOMCA and the Burns Night event. Committee confirmed intend to run usual quiz in the spring and decided on 3 possible dates, SV to contact the Worleys to ask if willing to run it again and to agree a date.


Correspondence 1) Quotes for LED lighting 2) National Village Networks Notice 3) Take Art events brochure and 4) Thatch Newsletter for December. Main item of interest in the latter was that Community Buildings membership was due to go up from £40 to £100 on 1st April. SV to protest!



1) Already decided to review the exterior painting in the spring. 2)  Committee discussed quotes for LED lighting and agreed to go ahead with that for just the main hall. DM to advise electrician and arrange date plus request grant of £300 towards this from the Parish Council.  3) Both table tennis tables now fully functioning thanks to work done by RO but he noted only 3 bats there, SV to update Ty Schlechter. 4) Re chairs, DP had found company which offers re-upholstery service, SV had meant to ring them to find out approx. costs but had lost the info, offered to ring if DP forwarded it again. However committee felt this not urgent. 5) No bill received from Permaframe for front door lock, assume we are not to be charged. 6) RO currently trying to repair outdoor notice board 7) DP reported request from yoga group for draught excluder on doors from Hall into foyer and agreed to fit this.


Fund raising No report


AOB. 1) Query about Wi-Fi and phone connection - SV had received helpful info from Graham Harris re their current situation with this which she explained to the committee. After discussion we agreed not to go ahead with provision of phone or Wi-Fi for hirers at this point as demand limited and 999 easily accessible on mobiles. 2) RO had managed to turn down storage heater in meeting room. DP agreed to check electric rate for these compared to standard daytime one. 3) We then spent some time taking down the Christmas decorations.


Date of next meeting Monday 5th February at 8pm