Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th February 2018  


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Mattick, D Pattison, S Vaughan.


Apologies/Absent  B Wigmore


Prior to the business of the main meeting we heard from Richard Sudworth and Geoff O’Sullivan from Stoke St Michael village hall committee. They are hoping to put together some sort of diary of events for various local villages to try and avoid clashes of dates. We explained a little of how thing work in Leigh and they agreed to let us know the outcome when they have explored the idea further.


Signing of committee members list for the year starting 1st October 2017. BW still to do.


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. Expense claims from SV and AO paid at meeting, new ones submitted by AO, RO and SV. Payments made included to Dave Jarvis for the year’s grass cutting and for the new LED lighting, the figure for the latter given as a net amount after receipt of £300 grant from the Parish Council. Money was coming in for the 100 club with about half amount expected received so far.


Booking Clerk’s Report The date for the Hall quiz had been confirmed as Sat 7th April. Fewer bookings in February, mainly due to half term.


Correspondence SV had contacted the Community Council re the high rise in rate for Community Buildings Membership but the response received only emphasised the need for the increase plus stated the various “advantages” now included in the fee. The committee decided to discuss whether to continue with membership once the request for payment came through in a couple of months’ time.



1) Review exterior painting in the spring. 2)  LED lighting now in place. 3) Ty Schlechter had informed SV of his hope to re-start the table tennis club. 4) Re chairs, SV had figure of £56.88 from Go-Pac if replacing and of approx. £26 from Alpha furniture if re-covering. The latter would need the backs and seats sent in so transport costs to be added, SV to check if any discount for numbers and how long likely to take.  5) RO had repaired outdoor notice board including a new lock. Keys for this to be held by AO/RO and EB.  6) DP had fitted draught excluder on foyer door as requested.


Fund raising Quiz on 7th April. Daggs and RO to run bar, DP to buy drinks, SV to e mail DP list of previous amounts used. GB to buy crisps/ nuts. Committee to provide some raffle prizes if possible but SV will put request in parish mag too. Notice of quiz already in Feb edition of this and SV will ensure in next 2 months as well. RO to produce posters as soon as possible as away part of March. EB to assist in putting these up as SV also away during March. Other arrangements to be made next month.


AOB. 1) SV reported towel dispenser in Ladies toilet is broken, DP to inspect to see if repairable. 2) SV had noticed dishwasher cleaning liquid very low, DP to assist her to check if needs replacing yet. 3) DM asked if cups from Produce Show could be stored at Hall, the lockable loft suggested, will need key. 4) Query re bingo equipment, items in loft over foyer door.


Date of next meeting Monday 5th March at 8pm