Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th March 2018  


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Mattick,  S Vaughan.


Apologies/Absent  D Pattison, B Wigmore


Signing of committee members list for the year starting 1st October 2017. BW still to do.


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. DP had sent a report as unable to attend meeting. During February he had collected 100 club money, paid the music license and expenses to SV and AO, completed the Charity Commission Return, sent electric usage figs to DM and fitted new towel dispenser in ladies loo. SV had earlier given in an expense claim for the latter. The first draw of the year for the 100 club was made, winners were:- 1st Shelagah Haywood, 2nd Colin Horn and 3rd Linda Burlison.


Booking Clerk’s Report Some cancellations early in March due to the snow but rest of the month mainly regular bookings apart from the rehearsals and staging of the school play. AO and RO on holiday 1 week in month but will take diary and check e mails.


Correspondence SV had received 2 items from the CCS. 1) A Community Buildings guide from ACAS relating to some legislation due in May on Data Protection. SV had already e mailed this to committee members to read. 2) Item offering places on a workshop on the subject. None of the committee wished to go to this and it was decided to ask the Parish Council to pass on any relevant information after their representative had attended a workshop. SV to ask Chris Cudmore to OK this.



1) Review exterior painting and general appearance in the spring. 2)  SV confirmed to DM LED lighting now in place and no problems to date. 3) Ty Schlechter still hoping to re-start the table tennis club, Vicki Taylor has agreed to help. 4) Re chairs, SV had sent photo to Alpha furniture and they confirmed price of £26+ vat and delivery. Process is to remove back and seat from 1 chair and send off with request for total number of sets required. Company send these to their factory and completed sets are then sent to us to fit. Committee thought a good idea to go ahead with this but undecided how many to order. SV to check how many chairs worn once all out in room e.g. at WI and committee will then decide how to proceed. 5) One of the radiator covers had needed mending and RO felt many more were in a poor state and may need replacing. SV to get info including prices.


Fund raising Quiz on 7th April. Daggs and RO to run bar, DP to buy drinks, GB to buy crisps/ nuts, EB to help SV on door. Committee to bring any raffle prizes to next meeting, request also in parish mag. RO had designed posters and flyers, SV had printed off latter and EB and RO will take round. SV to put up posters.


AOB. 1) Towel dispenser in Ladies loo see “Treasurer”. 2) SV to order dishwasher detergent and salt. 3) Graham Harris now taken crockery for church café. 4) RO to e mail Stoke Hall reps with diary 5) Exterior corner lights being left on SV will do labels to explain should use timer switch on leaving.



Date of next meeting Wednesday 4th April at 8pm. Committee note change of day due to BH.