Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th Apr 2018  


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, D Pattison, B Wigmore,  S Vaughan.


Apologies/Absent  R Orpwood, D Mattick


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. DP had paid the electric bill but no other payments to note. Under AOB he showed us a review of our income and expenditure illustrated with a Pye chart which confirmed a steady increase in hire income over the years. He had investigated the current electricity use which includes night storage heaters at a special low rate but no conclusion reached as to whether this still best deal rather than opt for an overall lower 24hr rate. He also noted the very low interest on our savings account and the committee agreed he should transfer £5K into a 12 month notice account which pays a little more. SV gave in claim for Easter egg prizes for quiz.


The 100 club winners were - 1st Ty Schlechter, 2nd Sue Rodford and 3rd Brenda Wigmore.


Booking Clerk’s Report Regular bookings as normal, nothing needing special mention.


Correspondence None received.



1) SV felt the cracks and general poor condition of the rendering on the front of the Hall needed some attention, not just painting. DP would like a cladding to make it more attractive, no support from rest of committee on this. SV will ask a local builder to investigate the cracks and possible cause before committee decide on any action. 2)  SV had checked all the upholstered chairs for wear and found some on all of them, albeit very small amount on many. Committee decided to leave action on this until really necessary and EB suggested trying to keep the worst affected ones at the back of the store. 3) SV had spoken to 2 companies about possible replacement of the radiator covers. They had given a very rough figure of around £80 each and SV would now measure up and send figs off for a proper quote.4) Replacement salt and detergent for the dishwasher had arrived and put in the storeroom. 5) SV had labelled the switches in the foyer to encourage people to turn the corner lights off before leaving.


Fund raising Quiz on 7th April. Most arrangements already in place. To set up from 3pm. SV reminded DP to provide floats for bar and door. 9 teams were booked in but likely to get a couple more.


AOB. 1) AO felt kitchen decoration needed an update especially the ceiling. DP and SV thought walls may just need washing but SV will check this and try to find someone to paint at least the ceiling once know if walls need doing too. BW suggested Barry in the village  2) GB said the buddleia in the car park needed pruning again and was happy to do it. SV said to let the committee know if she needed some help with this. 3) Maintenance morning arranged from 10am Saturday 12th May. 4) It was noted a red car has again been in our car park for some time, SV to put a notice on asking owner to move it.


Date of next meeting  Monday 30th April at 8pm. This is our May meeting due to another BH.