Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 30th Apr 2018 †(May meeting)


Present E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Mattick, D Pattison, S Vaughan.


Apologies/Absent G Baker, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurerís Report. DPís payments had included the rates, cleaning and the Roundstone bill for dishwasher materials. He had noted the rate we were charging on the coin slot meter was now less per unit than the cost to us and proposed to increase the rate to 15p to be done immediately after the meeting. He noted that we had not paid our membership this year to the CCS and wanted confirmation that the committee had decided to no longer be members. SV thought the charge was not due until May and DP agreed to check this. SV gave in an expenses claim for the engraving of the quiz shield.


The 100 club winners were - 1st Sue Rodford, 2nd Jane Weston and 3rd Paul Burlison.

Booking Clerkís Report The schoolís use of the car park for their Activity Bus was due the next day. There was ticket selling in the Hall planned during the FOLC open gardens event on the 20th and a race night run by the Bell Ringers on the 26th.


Correspondence SV had received another offer of a training day re data protection from the CCS, she already had asked Chris Cudmore if we could have any relevant information from Anthea on this when she has attended her course and he had arranged this with her.



1) SV had spoken to Guy Bryant about the cracks on the front of the Hall and he felt this could be dealt with by being ground out and filled although it may need doing every 3 years or so. She had obtained a quote from Chris Ingrem and would check this included all work needed. She would book him in for a date in the summer school holidays. 2) We also agreed to accept a quote from Chris for painting the kitchen. He had agreed the mould on the ceiling was just condensation caused by lack of ventilation and heating and was easily removed but would also give it a fungicidal wash. We need to choose the wall paint colour before the job is done. 3) Re radiator guards SV had a quote of nearly £1000 for 7 from the only one of the 2 companies she had been liaising with which used powder coating. The committee decided to investigate the possibility of refurbishment before deciding on replacement. DP to get quote once heating switched off towards end of May so can take a cover as an example to show the company.4) An important new maintenance item was the damaged ceiling in the main Hall adjacent to the bar area/small meeting room. This was being caused by water seeping in from the roof. DM, DP and RO will attempt to make at least temporary repairs to both the ceiling and the roof during the maintenance morning.

Fund raising †None discussed


AOB. 1) Maintenance morning from 10am Saturday 12th May. 4, see above, also need to clear out gutters, wash side exterior walls of Hall and clean any window sills/notices that need doing. Painting the shed was mentioned but no plans made. 2) SV had put a note on the red car on the car park and it appeared to have gone.


Date of next meeting †Monday 4th June at 8pm. †