Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th June 2018


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Mattick, D Pattison, S Vaughan.


Apologies/Absent  B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. DP had paid for the lottery licence and materials for the dishwasher, his report showed a lot of income in the previous month with few outgoings. SV gave in an expenses claim for paper towels etc.


The 100 club winners were - 1st Jane Weston, 2nd Margaret Nicklin and 3rd Sandra O’Sullivan.


Booking Clerks’ Report  June non regular bookings included a second TrueSpeed Q&A session, a Carers Group Social meeting and a children’s party. There would also be a lot of equipment loaned for the village fair for which we do not charge.


Correspondence  SV and RO had received e mails from 1) the Somerset Local Authorities Civil Contingencies Unit and 2) The Charity Commission. SV had noted the bullet points in the latter and printed out a copy of the revised welcome document for new trustees to keep on file but this not required for current committee members. Re 1) both she and RO had submitted their contact details as requested and SV had also confirmed Leigh Hall was willing to remain as a rest centre in case of need.

3) SV had heard from Chris Cudmore that Anthea is preparing a report on data protection and will let us have this in due course.



1) No date yet from Chris Ingrem. We decided on a colour for the kitchen walls and SV said would let Chris know this and at the same time ask again for suggestions of dates to do both the kitchen and the front exterior of the building. 2) DP had taken a radiator guard to be tested to see if suitable for powder coating refurb and if so to get a quote for the work. He expected this shortly. He also asked if we could put the non storage heaters out of action if their guards were removed. DM said it was possible to lock these out of the system 3) SV reported she had weedkilled most of the car park but had been unable to finish it due to parked vehicles, will do the rest when possible. 4) SV asked if temporary ceiling repair had been ok after rain. AO thought there was some evidence of rain getting through and RO said would check both under the interior panel and the roof but not until after the village fair, DM and DP may assist if required.


Fund raising  A rota was arranged for manning the raffle ticket and programme stall at the fair. DP requested ticket stubs and payments to him as soon as possible


AOB. 1) RO said water heater in kitchen still making dripping noise inside and overflowing outside. SV and DM suggested this was normal as re-filling after use causes both the dripping and the overflow. SV said worth checking no taps running when dripping continuous as this would cause tank to refill constantly. 2) GB said the buddleia at the edge of the car park still needs cutting back. Committee members willing to help with this if necessary but no dates made. 3) DP gave his apologies for July meeting


Date of next meeting  Monday 2nd July at 8pm.