Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st Oct 2018


Present  E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan.


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. We had received the 50% contribution towards the alcohol license from LOMCA. Bills paid included those for the PAT testing and DP’s work on the radiator guard.


100 club results as follows:- 1st Alan Dagger, 2nd Monica Orledge and 3rd Drew Houston.


Booking Clerks’ Report  Probably the fullest diary we could remember for the October edition which in addition to regular bookings included dates for the murder mystery evening, a funeral and the arts and crafts exhibition, AO confirmed to SV that the latter would pay an agreed donation to the Hall rather than an hourly rate.


Correspondence  SV had received a copy of Take Arts autumn programme for productions at those Somerset village halls outside the Mendip area still receiving funding for subsidised performances.



1) Following a further check of the damaged ceiling it had become obvious that due to rotting wood supports in the roof space before plastering a thorough repair was required. SV had met 3 weeks earlier with builder Mr Hayes, a roofing specialist, following a recommendation from Clive Baker. He had specified that the roof should undergo extra sealing under the edge of the sloping part over the meeting room extension before work was carried out to repair the internal damage. Mr Hayes had then gone on holiday. SV had recently tried to contact him several times but with no success. It was agreed she would try again in a week in case he was still away and if still no response would source other roofers for quotes unless any committee member came up with someone they could recommend in the meantime. 2) We decided to postpone the decision about the rest of the radiator guards as they would now be needed to be left in place until storage heaters turned off again next summer. SV reminded the committee it would cost nearly £1000 to replace them all including delivery. 3) SV had finally managed to get Martin Miller to agree a PAT date and the testing had been done. DM commented on the difficulty of making arrangements with Mr Miller and suggested that future electrical work could be done by the local electrician who installed the new main Hall lighting, both he and DP have contact details. 4) SV had successfully cleaned out the 2 teapots. 5) SV mentioned the paint in the small meeting room was badly marked as well as that in the main Hall. The committee agreed to initially try washing it all down, probably during our maintenance day next May with a view to having it re-painted if necessary in the summer. To consider using Chris Ingrem again.


Fund raising  Nothing planned.


AOB. 1) RO requested Hall pay for a USB adapter, committee happy to agree. 2) DM said several people had commented on the attractiveness of the flower tubs, the committee thanked GB in her absence for her work on these. 3) SV noted she and DP would need to prepare their annual reports for the AGM on 5th November at 8pm, which as planned would be preceded by a committee meeting at 7.30pm.


Date of next meeting  Monday 5th November 7.30pm, see above.