Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th Dec 2018


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent G Baker, D Mattick, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. DP had applied for the rates relief and paid the bills for the storage heater guard and the replacement door. We had received a cheque from the insurance company to pay for the latter. This included an amount to cover the plywood bought by Alan Dagger to initially make the building secure and he had asked the Hall to keep this sum as a donation. The bowls group had given us another £500 to pay into our account for them, a legacy from Maurice White. DP suggested we ask them if they would consider starting their own bank account now the total was so high. SV will do so. DP had produced a pie chart showing income and expenditure over the last 2 years and noted the lower amount of income from bookings this year compared to the previous one partly due to elections.


100 club results:- Special Christmas Draw, Brenda Wigmore, Dec draw 1st Tom Rodford, 2nd Denis Pattison and 3rd Roger Orpwood.


Booking Clerks’ Report The report showed several one off bookings for the month including wreath making sessions, the school nativity play and the FOLC Christmas fair. AO had realised the missing dishwasher padlock key was on her Hall key ring which explained how the dishwasher had been used without any prior arrangement as the hirers had the keys. Caroline Harris had been informed.


Correspondence  None received.



1) SV had been unable to get any response from Mr Hayes re the roof and had arranged with DP and RO to take over this maintenance item. They felt they had identified the source of the leaks to be the rusted screws on the main roof, had started to replace these and would continue to do so. Once this work was complete, if no further leaks, we would need to find a builder to address the problem of the rotten beams inside the roof space and eventually to replaster the affected area of ceiling. 2)  The replacement emergency exit door had been fitted and RO had made good the damaged plaster inside the Hall. There was some paint in the loft to finish this. RO to also repair the area by the door outside the Hall once the weather dry enough. 3) SV still OK to meet with company on 13th Dec who are planning to install a “smart” meter, although there was some doubt the mobile signal required would be sufficient. SV to get the readings from the old meter/s and from the new one/s if it goes ahead


Fund raising  The 6th of April was suggested for the Hall quiz with an alternative of 30th March. SV will ask Wendy and Des Worley if they will run it again.


AOB. 1) SV asked if committee had any objections to the bowls group putting a competition shield up in the Hall, none made. 2) AO had noticed a crack in the Hall alabove the door to the small storeroom but SV thought not serious and could just be filled, no arrangement made to do so. 3) AO and RO said they were planning a review of the booking clerk’s paperwork shortly, details to follow.  We closed the meeting and then put up the Christmas decorations.


Date of next meeting  Mon 7th January at 8pm followed by taking down Christmas Decs.