Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th Jan 2019


Present  E Brooks, D Mattick, B Wigmore, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent G Baker,


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed. The list of committee members agreeing to serve as Managing Trustees for the year starting 1st October 2018 was signed by those present.


Treasurer’s Report. SV had asked the bowls group to consider setting up their own account for the money currently kept for them in the Hall accounts and Ty Schlechter will look into this. SV gave in expenses request for Mrs R’s Christmas chocolates and reminded DP to claim for gift to accountant if wished. Some money had been spent on roof repairs but nothing else of note to point out in the accounts. DP to start asking people to renew or take out new shares in the 100 club for 2019. SV to copy request forms when needed.


Booking Clerks’ Report Bookings back to normal after the Christmas break, only non-regular one for January being the Bellringers’ Burns Night on the 26th, DP had tickets to sell for this. A group planning a charity event in June had asked if they could use their licence rather than ours and therefore not pay our additional charge. Committee had no objections to this.


Correspondence  None received.



1) SV had met with the company re fitting a smart meter but the one they brought was too big for the cabinet. Smaller ones do exist and the operative said the company would be back in touch to arrange another date. However nothing heard from them so far and the only contact SV had was a no reply e mail, so nothing we can do unless they contact us again. 2) DP and RO still confident the leak in the roof caused by rusty fixing screws. When weather improves may continue to replace these. However SV had seen a small amount of water running down the interior wall after the first ones had been changed so situation not certain. Committee agreed with a suggestion that a hosepipe should be used on the roof to check if water still getting in. Once we are sure roof watertight need a general builder to work on the rotten joists either to completely replace or support with new and then have ceiling re-plastered, DM to speak to Derek Robinson re his contacts for this work. Partly to do with this but also for fuel economy, the idea of a suspended ceiling in the main Hall was floated and in addition it was suggested the whole electric system, particularly the heating, was looked at to improve both effectiveness and cost efficiency. DM will look into this. 3) SV reminded committee will need to make good exterior wall by new emergency exit door in the spring and also consider re-painting main Hall then. 4) RO had been unable to mend broken clock, SV to buy new one.


Fund raising  The 6th of April had been agreed with Des and Wendy Worley for the Hall quiz.


AOB. 1) DM to update risk assessment and forward to SV to sign off once agreed. We closed the meeting and then took down the Christmas decorations.


Date of next meeting  Mon 4th February at 8pm.