Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th Feb 2019


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report. SV gave an expense claim in for paper towels, loo rolls and the replacement clock. She reported that the bowls club had arranged for their own bank account and once active the cheque for the amount held by the Hall for them would be paid in. DP had paid bills for the cleaning and grass cutting. He was still trying to get payments in for the 100 club which was due to re-start in March and reminded the committee to try and get new members as numbers were decreasing. No contact from Chubb re extinguishers, RO to chase them and see if any discount to combine with Rec.


Booking Clerks’ Report  No comments needed on February bookings, although it was noted there was a quiet week due to half term.


Correspondence  1) SV and RO had both received a request from Mendip to register as a food business establishment. SV had checked if this was necessary and once confirmed had completed form and sent it in. 2) Link from Charity Commission to their regular News issue, no items of interest.



1)  There had been another leak from the roof on Tuesday in a similar place as previously. However DM had been liaising with a builder through Derek Robinson and the committee agreed that the builder take the job on having investigated it properly and given us a quote. The current diary sheet plus any known dates going forward would be made available to the builder to enable him to start the investigation as soon as practical. 2) RO had felt storage heating not working.  SV had checked and a small amount was coming out of the ones in the main Hall. However DM had investigated the one in the small meeting room which now appears to be broken. When he has time he will swap it for the one in the small store room. With a view to cutting expenses, we decided to look at controlling the storage heating via an internet app once True Speed have provided Wi-Fi to the Hall. This would mean we did not need to have the heating on when there were no bookings. SV also asked if it would be possible to change the coin meter in the main hall from 50p to £1, DM will ask electrician Chris Gillard to give us a quote. 3) AO pointed out the doors in the kitchen had not been included in the re-paint, SV agreed we had not asked Chris to do this but it should be considered as part of a possible re-decoration of the main hall in the spring. 4) GB had noticed an external pipe had come loose outside the kitchen. The committee was able to push it together easily but it would need something more permanent done.


Fund raising  SV asked DP to let her have details of cost and sales of drinks at his recent Bellringers event. She will arrange purchase of drinks for the quiz on the 6th. SV and RB to man the door for entry and raffle, RO and Daggs to run the bar. RO to produce posters and flyers. SV to print all these plus put up posters. Several committee members to do a flyer drop. SV suggested we get the facts on the posters that it’s in aid of Hall funds and is the Tarmac Trophy Quiz.


AOB. 1) DM had updated the risk assessment. SV queried if some of the points re booking info actually happened. DM to produce a draft emergency pack which could be handed to any emergency services. Regular checks on equipment etc., to be done e.g. on maintenance day and yearly inventory.


Date of next meeting  Mon 4th March at 8pm.