Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


 DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th March 2019


Present  G Baker, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent E Brooks, D Mattick


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed after correction from RB to E B in Fund Raising.


Treasurer’s Report. SV’s expense claim in for paper towels, loo rolls and the replacement clock was paid. DP noted that payments had been made for water bill, music license, window cleaning and Chubb’s fire extinguisher maintenance check and equipment replacement. The first 100 club draw of the year was made, winners were 1st Peter Knowles, 2nd Gill Parker and 3rd Marguerite Cockroft. DP to be away in April and will pass draw numbers and details to committee.  


Booking Clerks’ Report  Regular bookings for March with addition of litter pick, children’s party and some bookings from the school. Graham and Caroline Harris had booked a weekend in August for a flower festival and had asked to only pay a “donation” fee of £50. Committee agreed in principle but suggested should be £60 in line with similar arrangement with the Art group. RO will let them know.


Correspondence  None received except e mail from DM, see below.



SV had an e mail from DM with updates on tasks he has been doing for the Hall 1) Builder Douglas Toogood has been given the go ahead to proceed with the ceiling repair, initially to a maximum cost of £1000, however the work will involve applying a pressure washer to the roof to try and identify the leak which then needs to be fixed, it is likely that at this stage the budget will have to be increased. However we have missed the half term slot for the work so RO will let DM have details to pass to the builder of periods when the Hall is available, probably nothing suitable until Easter or even beyond. 2) Heater in store and small meeting room, DM will swap these (meeting room one not working) when has time, not urgent but good to do before next autumn. 3) Electrician Dave Gillard will give us a quote for replacing the 50p meter in the main hall with a £1 one, 50ps hard to come by and electricity runs out quickly. 3) DM will produce an Emergency Pack when has time although did not realise this was allocated to him. Asked for sketch of electric system  - SV will try and find one, info on telephone system - SV will ask Graham Harris if any info, TrueSpeed not linked up yet. Also wanted info on drains route across car park, DP to e mail DM copy of plan from Dynorod re work in Oct 2015.


Fund raising  Quiz on 6th April, SV to buy drinks, GB to buy crisps etc. RO had produced poster which committee agreed was suitable and will e mail this plus a flyer version to SV and copy to DP to put on village Facebook page. SV to print all and put up posters around mid March. Committee to share delivery of flyers. SV will distribute once available. Possibly to SV, RO/AO, BW and EB. Daggs and RO to man bar, SV and EB to man the door/raffle. SV to buy more raffle tickets. Prizes needed for raffle, SV to put request in magazine, but anything from committee members very welcome.


AOB. 1) Committee discussed suggestion from EB about dog training classes in Hall. Concerns re scratching of floor and hygiene in relation to use by children and elderly.SV to contact village halls who hold these for some feedback, will also ask EB for help with this and ask leader Laura if toddler group parents should be consulted. 2) GB and committee concerned with large hole in pub’s car park which affects Hall users. SV to check with landlord Bryan re writing to the brewery.


Date of next meeting  Mon 1st April at 8pm.