Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st April 2019


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  D Mattick, D Pattison, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report. DP absent, no report but had asked that we leave April’s 100 club draw to May.  


Booking Clerks’ Report  Bookings included dates for the school play and some time set aside for repairs to the ceiling/roof. The donation fee for the flower festival to be £60, in line with that for the Art exhibition.


Correspondence  SV had e mail from DM, see below. RO had letter from the “Growth Hub” offering help to businesses but committee agreed this not relevant to us.



SV had an e mail from DM with info on tasks he has been doing for the Hall 1) Building work booked in on 10th and 11th April, DM gave details of stages being undertaken. He asked if builder should include re-decorating affected area. SV had replied yes to this but only if low cost and no more time needed as may need to re-paint all the ceiling anyway 2) Heater in store and small meeting room still to do. 3) Electrician Dave Gillard to go ahead replacing the 50p meter in the main hall with a £1 one, no date yet. 3) Emergency Pack work in progress. 4) DM asked if Risk Assessments now signed off and in place. SV had signed but committee unsure if should be stored in Hall or files, will check with DM. SV probably getting confused with Emergency Pack! 3) SV told the committee she would rather not continue to weed kill the car park as has done in previous years. She had spoken to Dave Jarvis who said he would take this on in addition to the grass cutting if requested. Committee agreed to go ahead with this, SV will inform Mr Jarvis.


Fund raising  Quiz on 6th April, SV to buy drinks, GB to buy crisps etc. plan for 40 people, plus enough over to sell on. Flyers had been put through all doors and posters up throughout the village and in Stoke shop plus a mention on the LOM Facebook page and in parish mag. In spite of this currently only 7 teams signed up although 1 more at least very likely and hopefully one or two more before or even on the night. Confirmed Daggs and RO to man bar, SV and EB to man the door/raffle. SV had bought raffle tickets and will put together floats in DP’s absence. Had put appeal for raffle prizes in parish mag and committee members bringing some. Set up 3pm Sat.


AOB. 1) SV had contacted some village halls already running dog training classes. Only 1 reply received but this did raise some concerns about hygiene and floor scratching and committee decided not to proceed with the idea. Many thanks to EB, suggestions always welcome about ways to increase our bookings. 2) The committee were pleased to see that, following an e mail from SV to Wadworths, they had come along very quickly and made some repairs to the car park. Not clear if this is just gravel or more permanent. 3) SV suggested setting date for maintenance morning, Committee agreed on Sat 25th May from 10am.


Date of next meeting  Mon 29th April at 8pm.  Note this is due to BH on 6th May