Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd June 2019


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, D Pattison, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, V Taylor, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed after change of name of winning quiz team to Ask the Family


Treasurer’s Report. No formal report from the treasurer. Money is available in the current account to pay the first part of the roof repair bill once their invoice is issued. Expense claims were paid to SV and AO. 100 club results for June were 1st Colin Horn, 2nd Jan Pattison, 3rd Ty Schlechter.


Booking Clerks’ Report  There were an unusually high number of parties booked for June and bookings in general very good. AO and RO had revised some of the forms connected with the booking system, reducing the amount of paper work and updating some of the details. They agreed to look into amending those forms needing completion and return so they could be sent online as this is the way most hirers would prefer to communicate.  There was a discussion about point 4 in the Conditions of Hire “Compliance with the Children Act 1989”  AO to find out if this is the current Act, amend form if necessary and e mail EB a copy of the Conditions to pass on to current Toddler group leader. While regular hirers do not need copies of these every time AO to ensure they do receive them as appropriate.


Correspondence  E mails to SV 1) from David Sparkes re forthcoming Tarmac Community Fund, committee have no suitable projects currently but will keep information for possible future use, 2) from Dave Mattick re builders start date and charges.



1) Roof work now expected to start between 7-10th June. SV to contact builders via Dave Mattick to ask they avoid the yoga and Pilates times if at all possible. 2) Although not now on the Hall committee DM still willing to exchange heater from small store with meeting room one by the autumn (check store one working first?) and to complete the Emergency Pack. 3) RO had made a temporary repair on the outside water pipe and would finish the job in the coming weeks.


Fund raising DP made some staffing plans for our entry stall at the fete. SV to contact Ty Schlechter who has volunteered to help.


AOB. 1) DP to contact Charity Commission to exchange details of Dave Mattick for those of Vicki Taylor as a trustee. The form stating her willingness to serve as a trustee had been signed earlier in the meeting. 2) It was agreed SV would contact Mendip in the next few weeks to ask them to come and assess if the meeting room would be suitable for future elections. However some members commented this not crucial as Art often not scheduled to clash and Pilates leader happy to make other arrangements. 3) An earlier suggestion of having a raised ceiling was brought up again but committee did not decide to pursue this further. 4) Similarly no more thoughts on making the storage heater system remotely controlled. 5) SV to ask DM for contact details for electrician Chris Gillard to arrange PAT testing July/August. 6) AO and SV to do inventory Friday 2nd Aug from 10.30am.  


Date of next meeting  Monday 5th August at 8pm?  Agreed at meeting as 1st July but since altered.