Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th August 2019


Present  G Baker, D Pattison, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent  E Brooks, V Taylor


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report. Bills paid included those for water, insurance, cleaning and the roof repair. SV and AO gave in expense claims. A cheque for £600 had been received from the Parish Council towards the roof repair. DP noted he would be away on date of the year end, 30th Sept, but SV asked if he could prepare and send accounts to be signed off before the 25th when he goes. 100 club results as follows:- July draw, 1st Dave and Mary Mears, 2nd Peter Knowles, 3rd Graham Harris, August draw, 1st Jan Schlechter, 2nd Paul Burlison, 3rd Daniel and Collette Mears.


Booking Clerks’ Report 1) AO and SV had completed the yearly inventory and AO had updated the checklist. SV had bought some knives to address the shortfall. SV to ask Graham if the 3 low narrow tables are used by LOMCA, if not she will advertise them on village Facebook page, if no response to this will arrange to scrap. There was mould on the wall behind the trays and Graham had also reported this. RO has some anti mould treatment we can use.2) AO to check current date of Compliance with the Children Act online, 3) AO and RO still to make relevant booking forms suitable for online completion. 4) following a phone call to Mendip by SV, AO had received a call to say small meeting room deemed not suitable for elections. 5) David Chandler to end Art Classes. SV to appeal on Facebook for anyone to take over, RO also to ask David for any suggestions. Otherwise will need to look at replacement hirers for the Thurs eve slot.


Correspondence  AO had received a letter from Stephen Lake, the returning officer at Mendip, to let us know they are carrying out a general review of polling districts etc., no action needed, SV to file.



1) Roof work completed. SV said she wanted to wait until heavy rain to check watertight before arranging re-decoration of walls. This to be done by committee at later date. 2) To test heater in small store once switched on for autumn. If OK SV will ask Dave Mattick if still willing to put in meeting room for us, also if doing Emergency Pack. 3) RO to make permanent repair to rear water pipe. 4) GB reported tree prunings left in corner of car park, she will cut up and dispose of them. 5) DP had attended to various maintenance jobs between meetings, including clearing a gutter, dealing with ants in the kitchen and mending a table. He noted that debris from the trees in Bellfield Rd were falling on to the Hall roof and gutters. SV to contact Somerset Highways to ask if can be lopped.


Fund raising £423 had been received from the Fair.  


AOB. 1) DP noted the sad news of the death of our cleaner, Mrs Rabbitts and confirmed that Mr Rabbitts wishes to continue with the cleaning himself. 2) SV reported there had been an incident of dogs’ mess in the children’s play area and she had noted this in the village magazine, she had also appealed there for no long term parking following a recent issue with a vehicle


Date of next meeting  Monday 2nd September at 8pm.