Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 2nd Sept 2019


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  A Orpwood, V Taylor, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report. The alcohol license had been paid and half re-imbursed to us by LOMCA. Also paid was the window cleaning bill and that for re-registering the lottery in addition to the usual yearly charge, the extra due to a late payment of the regular one. We had already received the cheque for £600 from the Parish Council towards the roof repair and also received £60 from the organisers of the Flower Festival. DP agreed to try and get the accounts sent in before the end of the Hall year and leave to be signed off in his absence. 100 club results as follows:- 1st Sue Vaughan, 2nd Alastair Weston, 3rd Izzy Tucker.


Booking Clerks’ Report 1) Back to normal bookings after the school holidays but the gap on Thursday evenings after the demise of the Art Class was noticeable. SV had received no response from an appeal on the village Facebook page for anyone who could take them over. RO will ask David Chandler if he could suggest anyone but not hopeful. Committee to all look out for a possible hirer of any type to fill the slot and SV to put on website and in magazine..3) AO had confirmed the date we have for the Compliance with the Children Act is still the current one 4) AO and RO still to make relevant booking forms suitable for online completion, will do when have time.


Correspondence  SV had received an e mail from Somerset CC re her enquiry about lopping trees in Bellfield Road overhanging the Hall. They will inspect but only carry out work on dangerous branches.



1) SV suggested painting at least the wall in the main Hall where the repair had been done and arranged a maintenance session for Sat Oct 19th from 10am. SV to buy the paint, will need a couple of dust sheets for the floor. 2) RO to treat wall behind trays in kitchen with anti mould spray. 3) To test heater in small store once switched on for autumn. If OK SV will ask Dave Mattick if still willing to put in meeting room for us, also if doing Emergency Pack. 4) Thanks to RO who had made the permanent repair to rear water pipe. 5) SV reported that after some initial interest about the spare tables no one had decided to take any. EB offered to advertise them further afield if SV sent her the photos she had taken, SV to investigate County and District listings we could also use for this


Fund raising None discussed.  


AOB. The AGM was arranged for Monday 4th November at 8pm with the short Hall meeting beforehand at 7.30pm. SV and DP to create annual reports. SV to notify date in Parish Mag.


Date of next meeting  Monday 7th   October at 8pm.