Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 7th Oct 2019


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, V Taylor, B Wigmore, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, D Pattison


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report. No report or 100 club as treasurer on holiday


Booking Clerks’ Report A fairly full diary for October with the Race Night just having taken place, the Arts and Crafts Exhibition the coming weekend and a Halloween disco at the end of the month.


Correspondence 1) SV had a note from Russell, No 1 Bellfield re his accident knocking down the Hall notice board but no response to her note asking how he wished to proceed. 2) A letter from the Community Council was waiting in the Hall which was inviting us to their annual conference on the 24th Oct but SV felt not necessary to attend as we no longer subscribe to the organisation.



1) RO had brought print outs of examples of wall mounted notice boards. Committee happy for him to go ahead and order one. SV asked him to let her have the receipt when available and she will deliver it to Russell with an explanatory note in the hope he will re-imburse us. RO will also put the board up when it arrives.

2) SV had looked again at the repaired wall in the Hall and felt it may be possible to just re-paint that section on the 19th with some of the other walls being washed down to see if they needed painting yet or not. However she will buy 2 tins of paint, trying to match to the existing shade and review the situation on the day. SV to bring brushes for top and bottom of wall, RO and AO to bring rollers and dust sheets. 3) RO had treated wall behind trays in kitchen with anti mould spray and would paint with mould resistant paint when time. 4) SV checked heater in small store, now storage heating switched on. As it was working she will e mail Dave Mattick to see if he is still willing to swap it for the one in the meeting room for us, also if doing the Emergency Pack. 5) The Under 5’s group had taken the unwanted tables for their new shed. 6) SV reported water spillage on the stage twice in the last few weeks which had seeped through to the bowls mats underneath, potentially damaging them. She had contacted the groups who had used the Hall recently but no one could remember any spillages. She had put a notice on the stage attached to the steps asking hirers not to use any liquids on the stage. 7) Light bulb in foyer replaced.


Fund raising None discussed.  


AOB. 1) AO noted the kitchen bin now had a big hole burnt in it and we needed a new one. SV will buy after checking dimensions, Proper Job in Frome was suggested as a good place to buy one. 2) Handwash liquid for the kitchen required, SV to buy


Date of next meeting  The AGM was confirmed for Monday 4th November at 8pm with the short Hall meeting beforehand at 7.30pm. SV and DP to create annual reports. SV had notified the Parish Mag.