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30 September 2019


The Managing Trustees present their Report for the year ended 30th September 2019, which should be read in conjunction with the separate Statement of Accounts for the same period.


Legal Status


The trusteeship of the Charity was transferred from Leigh on Mendip Parish Council to the Hall Committee on the 22nd of October 1996.  The Parish Council remains Custodian Trustee of the Charity.  The Charity Commission number is 304574.


Objects, Policies and Organisation


The Trust is established to provide and maintain the Village Hall for the benefit of the inhabitants of Leigh on Mendip without distinction of political, religious or other opinions with the object of improving the quality of life for the inhabitants. The Hall is available for hire by any individual or organisation in accordance with the standard hiring agreement and scale of charges adopted for the year.  It is intended that the scale of charges be sufficient to generate enough income to meet the ordinary expenditure incurred in providing the Hall.  Significant improvements are funded by specific appeals, fund-raising and grants.  The Management Committee is elected or appointed on an annual basis, with the officers being elected from the membership of the Committee.  The Annual General Meeting is usually held in November.

Review of the year


Maintenance etc.: 

To a great extent this has been the year of the leaking roof although it actually started last year. It became more and more obvious that we had a serious problem and we arranged for a recommended roofer to inspect the suspect area. He did put foam filler in some gaps but then went on holiday and when we realised there was still a leak did not respond to attempts to contact him and get him to come back. In the New Year committee member Dave Mattick took on the issue for us, with the aid of Derek Robinson and a local builder to check the extent of the work needed plus repair the ceiling and the affected woodwork in it. A roofer was then employed to carry out the external work including giving the previously flat section of the roof over the extension an incline. This was finished at the end of June and we assumed that would be the end of the problem. Unfortunately that was not the case and recently there has been another leak into the main Hall in the same area. By now Dave was no longer a committee member but kindly offered to continue to deal with the problem for us.  Following advice from Dave and Derek the committee now plans to carry out some procedures which we hope will finally make the roof watertight, with assistance from Derek if required. We may never know the exact location of the leak/s but will monitor the situation at each stage until we are sure no more water is coming in.  


The second major but less troublesome maintenance issue was the replacement of the external door into the bar area following an accident which demolished the existing one. A company called Premier Installations put the new one in and were both efficient and helpful throughout. In many ways the new door is better than the old one so a good result. Also less troublesome was having the coin box for the heating changed to take £1 and £2 coins instead of the 50p ones which were harder to come by and didn’t last for long, hopefully hirers have found this more convenient. 


Bookings: Once again we have hosted quite a few fund raising evenings for various groups but we were sorry to hear that the art group which had met on Thursday evenings for many years had come to an end as David Chandler had decided he no longer wished to run it. However we understand that a non-tutored regular art and craft evening is being considered so we are hopeful that the Thursday evening slot will soon be filled again.   


3) Fundraising: Not such a good turnout for the quiz this year but we did still make over £200 so worth doing. It was won for the third year running by a team from Frome called “Ask the Family” They are regular quizzers and our village teams struggle to compete so they have agreed to run the one next year for us and not take part themselves. We need to confirm this arrangement nearer the time, but it would certainly be nice to have a change of winners. As always many thanks to Denis Pattison for running the 100 club including chasing for payment for shares and then delivering the prize money. Finally of course we took part in the fete manning the raffle and programme sales at the entrance this being our largest fundraising income in the year.


4) Personnel:  During the year we were sorry to lose Dave Mattick as our Parish Council rep but pleased to welcome Vicki Taylor as a replacement.  As always we would be happy to welcome any additions to our numbers.


5) Future plans:  Mainly just to get the roof/ceiling watertight. Once this is achieved to repaint the damaged area and consider further repainting both in the main hall and the small meeting room. To finalise plans for the quiz in the spring.




The separate statement shows the current state of the finances, which the Committee consider satisfactory.  The Bankers are HSBC Bank plc, Frome and Virgin Money.


Managing Trustees Committee Membership


The members of the Committee during the year and their appointing body if appropriate were:


Name                           Office                                                              Appointing body


Gill Baker                                                                                            WI

Emma Brooks                                                                                                

Vicki Taylor                                                                                        Parish Council

Denis Pattison             Treasurer

Ann Orpwood             Joint Booking Clerk

Roger Orpwood          Joint Booking Clerk                                                                           

Brenda Wigmore                                                                                            

Sue Vaughan               Chair, Secretary


Our constitution allows for up to 6 members representing other groups plus up to 8 non representational members giving a maximum of 14 but also allows us to co-opt a further 2 members if required.

                                                                                    Approved by the Committee

                                                                                    4th November 2019                                                                            


                                                            Sue Vaughan               --------------------------------------