Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of AGM Held on 4th Nov 2019 8.00pm


Present   G Baker, E Brooks, B Loten, M Loten, A Orpwood, R. Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S.Vaughan, B. Wigmore


Apologies  None


The Meeting was opened by the current chair S.Vaughan


Minutes of last year’s meeting were agreed and signed.


Annual Report and Accounts were presented to the meeting by SV and DP these having been approved earlier by the committee. DP said the Hall still had good levels of money in reserve although income from fundraising had gone down a little. To counterbalance this we had benefited from various fundraising events held by village groups and also the number of elections recently which produce good income for the Hall. Also on the plus side the electricity costs were down maybe due to better weather and/or the meeting room heater being out of action.


In the Review of the Year Summary section of her Annual Report SV went into detail about the ongoing problem with the leaking roof. Partly as a record for the future she listed the stages we had been through trying to solve the issue starting the previous year and still ongoing. She noted that DP and RO had agreed to carry out some patching work on the roof in the hope this would be the solution. If not we would look at further procedures to try as it was not possible to simply find where the leak was without replacing the whole roof. Dave Mattick and Derek Robinson were kindly willing to help with advice or with employing another builder should that prove necessary. She also noted that the badly damaged external door had been successfully replaced by Premier Installations and the coin box for the heating had been changed and now took £1 and £2 coins rather than the inconvenient 50p ones.  


Election of 2019/2020 Committee

GB, EB, AO, RO, DP, VT, SV and BW all agreed to stand again. We would appoint all officers at the next ordinary meeting as is the correct procedure for the AGM.



ML asked if the accounts had been approved and DP was able to confirm this had been done by King Watkins of Midsomer Norton.


The meeting was closed at 8.12pm.