Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting held on 1st July 2020


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report The electric bill had been paid and LMCA and WI credited for unused hiring sessions. £10k had been received from the government grant for village halls. Committee thought this would give us a cushion against both regular and maintenance expenses, many usually covered by hiring charges not currently being received due to Covid lockdown. DP asked about the possibility of a donation to the Rec Field for their planned expansion of leisure facilities. SV and AO and RO thought we were not legally able to donate to another charity but we will explore this further. 100 club results:- 1st Dave Mattick, 2nd David and Joan Pattison and 3rd Sue Vaughan.


Booking Clerks’ Report In current Covid situation we are not taking bookings. RO and AO will write to all regular hirers to find out when they are hoping to return to the Hall. They will inform them of our decision re no bookings until September and the possible involvement of the school for that month. They will also explain some of the measures both they and the Hall committee will have to take to try and ensure a safe environment. Booking forms would need amending to include these too.


Correspondence None received



1) DP will contact a roofer to try and find one with experience of our type of roof with a view to taking off an appropriate section to try and find the problem and eventually repair it.

2) SV to contact Mr Rabbitts by letter and in person to find out his current views about restarting the cleaning. Committee concerned that it may not be appropriate for him to do so due to his age and health especially during the Covid infection.

3) SV had walked round the building and observed a) the gutter near the trees was full of debris again and causing water to run down the wall. b) the poor condition of our storage shed and c) that the weed growth round the Hall was quite bad and asked RO and AO to contact Mr Jarvis who had agreed some time ago to attend to this in addition to his normal grass cutting.

4) The 5 year electric check is due in September. SV to contact electrician to arrange this.


Fund raising None discussed, not appropriate in current pandemic situation.


AOB We had a long discussion about the measures we would need to take with the Covid virus in mind, when we thought the Hall should be re-opened and what use we should offer the school.  The ACRE document sent by the Community council for Somerset can be used as guidelines. SV to produce risk assessment based on their example. She will order signs for toilet doors, sanitisers in dispensers, more paper towels, tissues and bins, she had already run the water from all taps to avoid possible Legionnaires disease but will do so again before re-opening. We agreed this would not be until September and to allow the school to have the Hall if they need it as sole users in the daytime for the maximum of that month. DP to check with them if they would accept other hirers in the evening and also ask them to let us know as soon as practical if they will in fact need the Hall.


Date of next meeting  Monday 3rd August at 8pm