Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd Aug 2020


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent  G Baker


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed after spelling error for LOMCA corrected.


Treasurer’s Report Further credits had been made to LOMCA and the WI. No discussion on donation to Rec Field as first need info on cost of any roof work plus, apart from the school in September, bookings bringing income looking uncertain for the foreseeable future.  SV and AO had given in expenses claims. EB to be paid for cleaning to date.100 club results:- 1st Roger Orpwood, 2nd Brian Loten and 3rd Drew Houston.


Booking Clerks’ Report RO and AO had written to regular hirers re return to the Hall and extra conditions as regards Covid when they do. Currently just one possible Scout event in November following enquiry from George, to be considered nearer the time. It was agreed we would invoice the School for their hire in September using the normal rates, they will let us know how many hours. SV reminded RO the new conditions needed to refer to used tissues being put in the bins provided not in plastic bags in the kitchen.


Correspondence None received



1) DP had asked a roofer to quote for the work needed but had not yet received any reply in spite of reminding him. Will chase again.

2) SV had seen Mr Rabbitts and also given him a letter explaining the committee felt it best for him not to return to the cleaning while the Covid virus was still an issue. He was happy to agree to this although it was not ruled out that he could return to doing the cleaning at some point.

3) a) SV and Daggs had refurbished the shed and cleared one side of the Hall roof and guttering. Daggs had also re-fixed the metal gate at the side of the Hall. b) RO had contacted gardener Mr Jarvis who had treated the weeds in the car park.

4) Chris Gillard had carried out the 5 year electric check plus the PAT although SV was still waiting for the report and invoice. Evidently Chris had some computer problems.


Fund raising None discussed, not appropriate in current pandemic situation.


AOB SV had completed the Covid risk assessment and made some amendments following advice from DP and RO. She will e mail committee with final version. She had bought signs for toilet doors and put them on, also sanitizer dispensers were installed in both the foyer and bar area. The remaining sanitizer gel had been put in the store room along with a key to open the dispensers inside one of the boxes they came in, SV has another. Small bins for tissues were put in the foyer and bar area and posters asking people to use them put above. Posters were put in the foyer asking people not to enter if they had Covid symptoms and explaining the actions taken to ensure the Hall was as safe as possible. Sprays for cleaning were put in the storeroom. Note need to run water again before school uses Hall re possible Legionnaires disease.


Ty had asked if bowls mat could be stored permanently on stage, committee agreed, SV to tell him.


Date of next meeting  Monday 7th September at 8pm VIA ZOOM!!! Roger to send link.