Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting held via Zoom on 7th Sept 2020


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent  G Baker


Minutes Correction to minutes, AO did not submit expenses claim, SV to make amendment..


Treasurer’s Report  Bills paid included the water, licencing, cleaning, new heater in kitchen, materials for the shed repair and various expenses relating to making the Hall Covid safe. 100 club results:- 1st Alan Dagger, 2nd Marguerite Cockroft and 3rd Sue Vaughan.


Booking Clerks’ Report RO and AO had been liaising with the school re their hire of the Hall, the booking agreement had been signed and the arrangement to bill them at the end of the hire period confirmed. The school does not seem as confident as originally that the builders will finish by the end of September. While we will proceed on the original date, we may be forced to accept the hire running over which may affect other hirers’ plans. SV asked VT to let us know if she hears anything about this.


They are still keen to use the dishwasher to clean some toys. Caroline Harris has kindly agreed to come and talk them through the procedure but RO to make sure they understand the time involved as although the programmes are very short it needs time to warm up initially.  


There had been an enquiry from the lady currently running yoga sessions on the Rec field. She would prefer Mondays but SV thought this could only be agreed if either it was late afternoon or she was willing to change days after Christmas if the Active Living Centre group restarted.


Also an enquiry from an educational charity but wanted to see inside the Hall first, not possible at the moment, no further contact so far.



1) Letter from “Water2business” re water being turned back on now Hall in use again, DP has actioned.

2) Paperwork now received from Chris Gillard re the PAT and 5 year electrical checks, certificates came direct from professional body NAPIT. SV had thought the bill of over £1000 very high but Chris said there was an industry standard charge for each unit checked so we have had to accept this. He also made some repairs which SV agreed to look up and give the committee some information on later.



1) DP still chasing the roofer.


Fund raising None discussed, not appropriate in current pandemic situation.


AOB 1) Ty Schlechter very happy with our agreement to store bowls mat on the stage, no mention of when he hopes to re-start bowls.

2) EB felt no point her doing cleaning weekly if Laura doing it for school daily, committee agreed.

3) VT suggested we apply for a refund on licence charge while not being used, DP to investigate

4) DP raised a vote of thanks to Alan Dagger for clearing some of the gutters.

5) AGM to be in November as usual, 7.30 Hall meeting followed by AGM at 8pm.


Date of next meeting  Monday 5th October at 8pm Note this may either be in the Hall or via Zoom. Committee will be emailed nearer the time.