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Annual Report






30 September 2020


The Managing Trustees present their Report for the year ended 30th September 2020, which should be read in conjunction with the separate Statement of Accounts for the same period.


Legal Status


The trusteeship of the Charity was transferred from Leigh on Mendip Parish Council to the Hall Committee on the 22nd of October 1996.  The Parish Council remains Custodian Trustee of the Charity.  The Charity Commission number is 304574.


Objects, Policies and Organisation


The Trust is established to provide and maintain the Village Hall for the benefit of the inhabitants of Leigh on Mendip without distinction of political, religious or other opinions with the object of improving the quality of life for the inhabitants. The Hall is available for hire by any individual or organisation in accordance with the standard hiring agreement and scale of charges adopted for the year.  It is intended that the scale of charges be sufficient to generate enough income to meet the ordinary expenditure incurred in providing the Hall.  Significant improvements are funded by specific appeals, fund-raising and grants.  The Management Committee is elected or appointed on an annual basis, with the officers being elected from the membership of the Committee.  The Annual General Meeting is usually held in November.

Review of the year


Maintenance etc.: 

For much of this year, as for most people, the matter upmost in the committee’s minds has been the Covid virus and its effects. However on a local level there has been another issue which has been notable due to its constant presence. This of course is the leaking roof and our efforts to sort the problem out. We started trying to do this over two years ago and have had no real success so far. We have had some work done on the roof which has improved the slope and should help matters but the leak remains during heavy rain. We have now booked a roofer to come in at the end of this month who plans to take off sections of the roof, make any repairs needed and then replace the sections. He says the leak will be fixed, let’s hope so!


Back to the Covid situation. Initially we had to close the Hall completely to comply with the rules. Once we were allowed to re-open things were not straightforward. Most importantly we had to take all the measures needed to make the building Covid secure which we did with help from ACRE the government body which advises village halls. Since then our paperwork has had to be updated several times as the rules have changed or been clarified, many thanks to our booking clerks for keeping on top of this. We then had to think about who would be hiring the hall in what are still very worrying circumstances and some groups made their own decisions not to return until at least the new year. The school was having building work done in September and needed extra space. We offered to hire the Hall to them exclusively up to the end of that month and informed our other hirers we would be not be available until the start of October.


As always there have been several minor jobs during the year to keep the Hall in good shape. We had a new notice board erected following an accident knocking down the existing one,the heater in the bar area had to be replaced, the chair shed repaired and the five year electrical check carried out.  And the gutters constantly need clearing out! A particularly noteworthy development was the free provision of an internet connection.

Finally special thanks must go to committee member Emma Brooks who stepped in when Mr Rabbitts was unable to continue with the Hall cleaning due to ill health. This has been particularly important with the requirements for Covid safety.



Currently we have two yoga sessions, one Tai Chi and one short mat bowls session booked in for each week. We have also been able to provide the venue for some village meetings and there is the possibility of a one off cider tasting event and some small group WI social meetings.   


3) Fundraising: Our annual spring quiz was all set to go when Covid struck, so obviously had to be cancelled. The Frome based winners from last year had agreed to be the quizmasters for a change and to give the rest of the teams a chance as they seemed unbeatable. We hope they will still be available to do this for us when we eventually run another one. Also of course there was no fete this year, all of which would not have been too worrying financially except of course the usual income from our hirers had suddenly been cut. We were relieved then to receive the £10,000 government grant to village halls to help pay our ongoing expenses and also help towards the roof repairs mentioned earlier.


4) Personnel:  Our committee remained the same during the year but we have plenty of room if anyone would like to join us. Maybe you are new to the village or find you now have more time available. We usually meet on the first Monday of the month and would be very pleased to see you.


5) Future plans:  To get the roof/ceiling watertight. Once this is achieved to repaint the damaged area and consider further repainting both in the main hall and the small meeting room. To increase our bookings to at least pre Covid levels when this proves practical to do so.



The separate statement shows the current state of the finances, which the Committee consider satisfactory.  The Bankers are HSBC Bank plc Frome and Virgin Money.


Managing Trustees Committee Membership


The members of the Committee during the year and their appointing body if appropriate were:


Name                           Office                                                              Appointing body


Gill Baker                                                                                            WI

Emma Brooks                                                                                                

Vicki Taylor                                                                                        Parish Council

Denis Pattison             Treasurer

Ann Orpwood             Joint Booking Clerk

Roger Orpwood          Joint Booking Clerk                                                                           

Brenda Wigmore                                                                                            

Sue Vaughan               Chair, Secretary


Our constitution allows for up to 6 members representing other groups plus up to 8 non representational members giving a maximum of 14 but also allows us to co-opt a further 2 members if required.

                                                                                    Approved by the Committee

                                                                        2nd November 2020,

please note the sections in red are

ammendments requested at the