Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 1st March via zoom


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, B Wigmore


Minutes  No meeting in February as little to discuss at the moment.


Treasurer’s Report The only payment out was to the roofers who had reduced their bill to £350 as they were unable to carry out the extent of the work requested and planned. We had received three grants since the last accounts totalling £6239.


Booking Clerks’ Report. Due to the latest advice and rules for Covid we would be unable to re-open the Hall before 17th May at the earliest. This was because although gyms for instance were likely to be able to do so from 12th April this was only for individual exercise or household groups so would not apply to our yoga, Pilates classes etc. However currently the Police Commissioner elections were still due to go ahead on 6th May. SV requested that EB give the Hall a clean after this and that RO and AO should let her know if this date changes. RO mentioned he had been approached by someone wanting to set up a catering business in the Hall but he had explained that this was not possible.



Correspondence None received



1) See Treasurer. Roof had been “patched” once again and still the source of the leak not identified. We can only continue to monitor for any more leaks at this stage. To investigate further the roofers would have had to unscrew and remove all the roof panels on the leak side and replace them, a much bigger and more expensive job than they had quoted for.

2) Daggs had cleared the gutters for us but did not do the roof partly as not too bad, partly not having a broom to hand but also the builders were working there at the time.


Fund raising None except grants



1) AO commented on the big holes in the car park due to the gravel gradually moving. SV suggested any of us who had the time and inclination to try could rake some back into the holes but also felt this was not very easy as although the gravel did get pushed out of the dips it wasn’t always obvious where the excess had gone. She suggested that while we can try and improve it ourselves, maybe as a group effort once mixing is allowed, if that was not successful we order some from a supplier such as Champions. 

2) SV thanked VT who had contacted her about the forthcoming annual Parish Council Newsletter which she felt should have an update entry from the Hall amongst others. She had kindly come up with a suggestion on what to include and SV had been happy to agree.


Note from chair, it was good seeing you all but roll on face to face meetings, maybe in June


Date of next meeting  Monday 5th April at 8pm, (Easter Monday) via zoom