Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 5th April via zoom


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, V Taylor B Wigmore


Minutes  Agreed by committee and signed by SV.


Treasurer’s Report The window cleaner had been paid plus the electricity bill albeit the latter at a reduced rate. A further government grant had been received, this time for £2096.


Booking Clerks’ Report. The toddler group still due to start up once rules allow as far as we know and committee felt this likely to be from 20th April. We have not heard lately from Laura the leader, EB will contact her to check her plans. The Hall should be available for indoor groups up to 6 from 17th May, obviously this would not work for full meetings of groups such as LOMCA or the WI but it’s likely the latter will use us for small get togethers. Committee felt it would only be fair to offer these sort of bookings at a reduced rate, SV suggested 50% reduction but would leave it to the discrepancy of the booking clerks. We understand the elections are going ahead on 6th May in the Hall and VT and Caroline will be adjudicating. SV queried if any action to be taken to make sure numbers are kept to 6 and will mention this to VT although in reality chances of more than 4 at once (plus the adjudicators) unlikely.



Correspondence None received



1) RO had replaced a battery in one of the smoke alarms but said the unit which should primarily run off the mains also needed replacing and agreed to carry out the work.

2) AO had cleared away leaves etc. from near the Toddler’s shed but noted the gutters were quite full again in spite of Daggs clearing them recently. SV commented that it was a job needed doing regularly and worth another look later in the year, although now trees now in new growth.

3) SV asked if anyone had tried sweeping the gravel back into the potholes, no one had and it needed to be something we addressed once we can all get together in person.

4) RO also still to replace cap ends of gutter once he can locate the ones that fit, not standard size.


Fund raising None except grant



1) Although strictly not Hall business SV asked RO for an update on the proposed village day. This is now scheduled for August. Current thinking is to use the marquee available via Tarmac and employ at least one band. Some funding would be needed for this, a small raffle, drink and bar b q sales may cover it. SV suggested a contribution from Hall funds if not. EB suggested an alternative set up where people just brought a picnic and something to sit on which would keep us well spaced out.  RO is chair of the fair committee which will let us all know once there is a final decision made.



Date of next meeting  Monday 3rd May, place and time to be decided nearer the time. Could be outside say at 6pm or if only 6 maximum present, inside the Hall, or even back to Zoom!