Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd May via zoom


Present  A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, E Brooks, B Wigmore


Minutes  Agreed by committee after substituting “discretion” for “discrepancy” under Booking Clerks section and signed by SV.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had applied for the advertised Restart grant but had received no reply so far.


Booking Clerks’ Report. RO and AO had produced a diary sheet which did have a few bookings on it including the forthcoming Police Commissioner election. There had been an enquiry from the Art and Craft group for a booking later in the year. There is also the possibility yoga will restart when allowed. There had been no enquiries yet about hosting groups of six in the Hall at a reduced rate. However DP pointed out the offer had only just appeared in the parish magazine and also that the WI were aware of it and holding their committee meeting that evening.



Correspondence 1) SV had received an email from Take Art with their current programme of village entertainments in Somerset which she agreed to forward to the committee in case anyone was interested in attending one. She also noted that, although we stopped holding any ourselves due to the withdrawal of the Mendip subsidy, we could consider it going forward if our finances remain healthy.

2) She had also received a brochure from Total Floor Plan, the company who resurfaced our main Hall floor, she will keep the brochure but felt there was no immediate need for more work to be done.



1) The holes in the car park remain an issue but we need to see if we can scrape enough of the existing gravel into the dips before ordering any.

2) SV thanked EB in her absence for pointing out the leak from the gent’s toilet when it’s flushed. RO had sent SV details of a plumber and SV to contact him to arrange for the repair.


Fund raising None except grant application



1) In line with our discussion at the last committee meeting DP had offered the Fair Committee an amount of up to £500 to cover any losses at the proposed Village Day in August. The committee agreed it was in line with the aims of the Hall to provide facilities for residents of the village which had not been possible during lockdown.

2) Caroline Harris had asked for a Hall key for WI as hers had gone to Graham Harris for the Active Living Centre. SV to get a couple cut later in the week.



Date of next meeting  Monday 7th June at 8pm in the Hall!!!