Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 7th June


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  B Wigmore


Minutes  Agreed by committee and signed by chair SV and treasurer DP.


Treasurer’s Report  The bill for the plumber who checked the gent’s loo had been paid. In fact this was really just the call out charge as only a minor readjustment was needed. We had received the latest Government Restart grant of £8000. SV gave in an expenses claim for keys being cut and noted she had already given one to Caroline Harris for the WI. DP felt we should look at spending some of our Restart money and suggestions for this included more replacement radiator covers and even considering replacing the flat kitchen roof. However it was likely any major car park work would take a lot of money anyway, see “Correspondence” below


Booking Clerks’ Report. Bookings were gradually being taken some of which would depend on the relaxation of the Covid rules coming into effect. Late in June there was a possible children’s party and some LOMCA events and at the start of July one from the yoga group.


Correspondence SV had only received correspondence by email. This being connected initially to the new community fund from Halecombe. VT suggested applying for some gravel for the car park. SV had forwarded this info to the rest of the committee and it was thought to be a good idea. The application form required us to state a quantity applying for and SV had emailed Halecombe to ask if anyone would be able to give us an estimate on this, she had not received a reply to date. However in the meantime Dave Mattick contacted SV to suggest looking once again at the possibility of tarmacking the car park (possibly including some of the Bell’s area with their co-operation). While being aware of the issues including possible need for planning permission and extensive work for drainage, the committee felt it was well worth exploring and RO and DP would try to get some info and quotes with a view to going forward.



1) Car park see above

2) Roof leak did not seem to have re-appeared. Still need to monitor after heavy rain or could test with a hosepipe. RO to ask son in law if he or anyone he suggests could replace the stained boarding.


Fund raising See treasurer.



1) VT asked if the Parish Council contingency of £300 reserved for the Hall could be re-allocated to the Rec field as Hall funds were so much higher than the Rec’s. Committee happy to agree.

2) SV announced she had decided to retire from the committee after 20 years as chair and secretary, the July meeting would be her last. Candidates for the jobs would need to be approached in person but it was agreed more committee members were needed anyway and SV said she would put a request for these on the Village Facebook page, Parish magazine and anywhere else thought appropriate.



Date of next meeting  Wed 30th June (July meeting!) in the Hall at 8pm, due to holidays booked