Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting held on 30th June for July


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, V Taylor, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent  G Baker


Before the main meeting we discussed the selection of a new chair and secretary to replace SV. VT agreed to stand as chair, BW minutes secretary and EB to write the parish magazine entry. The committee agreed these by unanimous votes. VT had also requested a vice chair but this was not discussed at the meeting. She said Martin Carter had offered to help with repairs etc. SV had not received any response to her website request for more committee members or from the WI.


Minutes  Agreed by committee and signed by current chair SV and treasurer DP.


Treasurer’s Report  Bills had been paid for the insurance and electricity, the latter was felt to be rather high as Hall not been used much but DP thought it was accurate for the charge period. He noted we have over £30,000 in our bank account and also that we still hold credits for LOMCA and the WI. Going forward it would have to be ensured these were used correctly.   


Booking Clerks’ Report. Bookings still minimal although there was a limited attendance session of Kurling and Cake booked on the 13th plus the possibility of a full LOMCA meeting later in the month depending on easing of Covid rules. There had been an enquiry from a jazz duo and RO was asked to get more details about their charges etc.



Correspondence SV had contacted TrueSpeed to tell them she would no longer be the billing contact for the Hall broadband account. She also clarified that the account will still be free after the current contract ends in October. DP agreed to become the contact and SV will inform TrueSpeed. As well as the jazz duo RO had received info on grants available from Mendip.



1) Car park: VT said Dave Mattick had offered to oversee the re-surfacing of the car park. He had spoken to the licensees at the Bell who were keen to take part in a joint project, particularly as they had now cut down trees and greenery in the front corner which would give extra space for both Hall and pub. It was agreed to ask DM to present a project plan to the committee. DP also to try and get info on block paving. 2) Roof leak did not seem to have re-appeared and it was agreed to ask Martin Carter if he was willing to replace the plaster board panel for us for just the cost of materials by September. The committee would then address the need for redecoration of the main Hall.


Fund raising None currently needed.



1)  DP to arrange fire extinguisher check. 2) EM to speak to Mr Rabbitts to check he doesn’t want to resume the cleaning, she is happy to continue herself. 3) SV brought various files and keys to hand over as departing chair/secretary. She was presented with a gift and thankyou card by the committee.



Date of next meeting  Mon 2nd August at 7.30pm (committee agreed to VT’s request for permanent change to meeting time)