How can we make Leigh on Mendip an even better place to live?

In November the Parish Council asked for ideas on how to spend a community fund which Mendip District Council made available to us. We had some great feedback and thank you to those who attended the meeting and also to those who sent in suggestions in advance of it.

The majority of comments centred around the idea of improving and/or expanding the children’s play area at the recreation ground, to have some form of community garden or orchard and to have more allotments available to villagers. All of these require more space and therefore we are exploring options to buy additional land adjoining the recreation field.

The Parish Council feels that it would be best to use the fund to maximise the amount of land bought. Whilst this limits what we can initially do it gives the village far greater options in the medium and long-term. Therefore the initial plan is to provide allotments. In addition, contingent on the area of land bought, we could remove some of the vegetation to the west of the play area which will open it up to more light and help keep it drier and make it less gloomy.

The Parish Council and the Recreation Field Management Committee are aware and are keeping it in mind that people would like more and improved play facilities and we are looking into options to address this through different financial sources.

We acknowledge that there were a number of suggestions regarding improved parking facilities in the village, improving signage, more street lighting, etc. but the Parish Council felt that Mendip District Council would not approve the use of “Open Space” contribution on schemes such as these. In addition most of the schemes would require significantly more funding than was available and some of the items, such as improved signage, should be achievable via other routes. Finally, whilst the cars parked along the eastern end of Leigh Street can create congestion issues we are also aware that it helps to slow down traffic on a road which would otherwise be temptingly long and straight!

We will continue to keep the parishioners updated.

Leigh on Mendip Parish Council