Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Council


Newsletter   April 2005





The Annual General Meeting and the Parish Meeting will be held at 7.30 and 8.00 p.m. respectively, on the 16th May 2005. 


If you have anything that you would like to raise as being of concern to the village the Annual Parish Meeting is your opportunity to do so.


The Council has undergone considerable changes since the last AGM, with a change of Chairman and Parish Clerk, and the co-option of new members. The present council is


Steve Anderson: Two Gates, Whitehole Hill --------- 01761 233433

Geoff Casey: Pitten House, Pitten Street ------------------------- 813380

Chris Cudmore: 2 Oak Leaf Court ------------------------------- 813735

Graham Harris: Dovecote ---------------------------------------- 812889

Paul Moore: 11 Bellfield------------------------------------------- 812392

Ty Schlecter: Savernake Cottage ------------------------- 07834 363189

John Wright: The Post House, Leigh Street -------------------- 812317


Parish Clark

Jo Anderson:     Two Gates, Whitehole Hill------------ 01761 233433


Cemetery Clerk

Mary Mears:       Brookfield, The Old Sawmills---------------- 812415




Cemetery. The management of the closed churchyard is still under discussion in Mendip District Council, and it is regretted that we cannot report any significant progress since last year. You will have noted that the District Council have arbitrarily imposed a Special Expenses Rate. We have yet to determine whether this takes into account the contribution made by the parish in separately funding the grass maintenance. The standard of this maintenance remains high and we are fortunate that David Jarvis has again tendered for this work.



Planning. A variety of applications have been considered, and duly listed in the Parish Council minutes. If there are any queries on past applications, the minutes can be reviewed by arrangement with the parish clerk [or click here]. It must be remembered that the Parish Council has only an advisory role.


The survey of housing needs within the village shewed a requirement, and due application was made.  This was approved and some unacceptable designs were offered by the chosen Housing Association. The purchase of the required land from Somerset County Council ran into dilatory confusion, and since the funding is only available for a limited period, the achievement of the required housing is by no means certain. This is being pursued by the PC.



Precept The parish precept for the present year is £3400, which represents an annual charge for a band D property of approx £17.54, fractionally less than 2004/ 2005, and an example to the next three tiers of government.



Web Site It is again time to remind everyone that the website is only viable if people use it. All events should be published, together, possibly, with post-event comment or appreciation.



Footpaths and Roads: The external roads are in better state than previous years, but little progress has been made on the truly local roads. We continue to urge the repair of potholes as they occur.


The footpaths are in reasonable condition, and a further three kissing gates have been erected. It is intended to continue with this programme, and replace stiles at three per year.



Parish Wardens The cost of the Parish Warden Scheme to participating parishes has settled at £300 per year. The scheme has been through several changes in the last year, and has finished up with the wardens renamed “ Police Community Support Officers” (PCSO’s) and thinned down to one officer – Paul Emery – covering five parishes. The council have decided, on a split vote, to continue membership for a further year.



Quarries.  Tarmac, at Halecombe quarry, have reduced quarrying of stone to the minimum necessary to retain the option. This has reduced blasting noise and dust distribution within the village, thereby improving conditions.


Barns Close quarry has been purchased and the new owner proposes, over a period, to establish small trading units on the level area inside the gate, and utilise the lower levels for dry rubble and topsoil infill. The scheme is being monitored by SCC environmental and conservation staff.



General.  There continues to be a fair amount of money available for good causes, from a variety of sources. The council is fortunate in having co-opted a councillor knowledgeable in this field, and any parishioner with an idea or proposal of benefit to the community, which requires some funding, should contact the parish clerk.




 I would like to thank the councillors for their (unpaid) enthusiasm and efforts, additionally the parish clerk for her successful induction and organisation, and all those who work to keep the village organisations running smoothly.