APRIL 1999

Mrs J Longley Clerk Doors Hill Farm 812050
Mr D A Pattison Chairman Church Cottage 812570
Mr.J Wright Vice Chair, SALC, Rural TF The Post House 812317
Mr J Davis Quarries Tadhill Farm 01749 880285
Mrs M Loten PCC, Finance, Hall 6, Old Sawmills 812922
Mr P Moore Rec Field 11, Bellfield 812392
Mr D P Turner Footpaths Tadhill House 812934
Mrs M Mears Cemetery Clerk Brookfield, Old Sawmills 812415


The AGM of the Parish Council will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 17 May in the Memorial Hall. The main business is the election of officers by the Council.

The Parish Councillors at the AGM will just have been elected. If you wish to stand for election (or persuade someone else to stand!), get a form from Jackie Longley and watch out for the notices.

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held after the AGM at 8pm. Everyone in the parish is invited to both meetings. The Parish Meeting will include reports from the Hall Committee, the Recreation Committee and the Parish Council. Other bodies and individuals will be invited to speak briefly on matters of interest to the parish, including the proposed developments at Halecombe.

Refreshments will be served afterwards.


FINANCE After last year's reduction, the PC have had to increase their element of the Council Tax for next year, by 10% to about 16 per house. The accounts will be available at the APM and on the noticeboards.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT The VDS group did all excellent job. The Leigh VDS has been officially adopted by Mendip, and is now used as an example of how to do it in the rest of Somerset. It is now quoted regularly by developers and planning officers controlling the nature of development in the parish. Congratulations to the whole team.

PARISH CEMETERY The new cemetery is now open. Thanks to Brian Loten who did an excellent job of clearing and turfing it, and to Mary Mears, the Cemetery Clerk.

VILLAGE WEBSITE The village now has a very impressive Website. 1t is called leigh-on-Mendip.org.uk, and has been created by webmaster Tom Turner with a little help from his dad. Anyone in the village can have E Mail forwarding from the site. The cost has been guaranteed by the Parish Council but contributions of 10 are invited from interested parties. The site contains a wealth of local information and useful data.

RECREATION FIELD The village owes a debt to Mary Neilsen, who donated the land necessary to form a track to the new car park. The Rec Field Committee will level and surface it when the builders have got out of the way. Congratulations to the committee (Jan and Ann in particular) on the 2 new sets of swings.

ROADS We continue to badger the County Council to do minor repairs. The Bulls Green Link means easier access to the South, but (as predicted) is already being used to justify development (at Barnclose).

PARKING Parking in Leigh Street continues to be a problem (but at least it slows down the traffic!). Please avoid blocking pavements, which is illegal and dangerous if it forces prams and pushchairs onto the road. Use off street parking if you have it.

DOGS This has been the most frequent subject on Parish Council agendas for many, many years. All irresponsible minority persist in spoiling the enjoyment of the majority who object strongly to the amount of dog fouling on the pavements and footpaths in the village. Please scoop your poops if you cannot keep them on your own land. No one wants children falling in it at the recreation field and the hall car park, so put it in the dustbin! The fine has now been increased to 1000 Maximum - you have been warned.

PLANNING Thirteen planning applications have been dealt with during the past year. Notable recent applications are the proposals to develop the farmyards at Manor Farm and Townsend Farm. Many of you will have seen the proposals to build a group of workshops at Barnclose, at the consultation days in February. The Parish Council is being invited to participate in some way, and has taken the view that, if properly controlled, this could be of benefit to the village.

MENDIP DISTRICT PLAN This plan will form the basis for planning decisions in coming years. The current draft excludes any significant changes for Leigh, but is subject to appeal and a public inquiry.

QUARRYING The second attempt at the Public Inquiry about the closure of Chantry Lane to allow Whatley Quarry to expand is due at the end of March, but the report will take longer.

FOOTPATHS Dave Turner has continued the good work of keeping the footpaths open and stiles in order, with help from others. Please do your bit -leave gates as you find them and keep dogs under control. If anyone would like to earn a little money clearing footpaths please contact David - we have some money set aside.

THE RURAL TASK FORCE The TF is concerned with transport, jobs and the environment, using Regeneration funds, and has been the driving force behind the developments at Barnelose (see above).

VILLAGE CLEAN UP Many thanks to all who organise and participate in the Village Clean Up. This year's is due on 25 April.

Please come along on 17 May for
the AGM and Annual Parish Meeting
(you are also welcome to all PC meetings, dates on the noticeboards)