Information for Open Space Meeting on

Wednesday 24th October 2018 from 7pm at the Memorial Hall

  1. Previous notice for the village consultation on ideas on 20th Nov 2017 
  2. Previous notice following review of ideas (12 Dec 2017)
  3. Proposal to MDC
  4. Reasons for the selected proposal
  5. Proposed location of Open Space to be purchased
  6. Existing protected Rights of Way and Access
  7. Proposed position of allotments 
  8. Concerns and Safeguards
  9. Remaining area of proposed Open Space 
  10. Purpose of the Open Meeting and Agenda 

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3. Proposal to MDC to claim the Open Space Contribution

"Following a consultation within the village of Leigh on Mendip, the Council propose to purchase land adjacent to the current Recreation ground for the purpose of providing new allotments for people within the Parish of Leigh on Mendip. The project will also include fencing of the area, ploughing and harrowing and making the allotments workable.  It is intended to have at least one allotment, which is accessible for access by anyone physically disabled."

This application to MDC has been accepted in principle but neither MDC or Leigh on Mendip Parish Council have yet signed the agreement.

4. Reasons for this Proposal

a) Need to meet the MDC criteria for  "Off-site Open Space in the Community"

b) A Parish Council has a legal requirement to provide allotments when required ( Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908). The required number of parish electors have requested an allotment. The private landowner of the previous allotments behind Bellfield is reclaiming the land.   

c)  This was the only offer of land, although a formal offer has not yet been made or accepted.

d) The land area proposed would allow the requirement of allotments to be met and protect an additional area of Open Space from any future housing or light industrial development. It also ensures continuity of some parking for the village fair and access to further parking with the landowner's permission.

e) As the land adjoins the existing Recreation Field, future expansion of facilities (e.g. children's play area) could be considered. This would be conditional on planning permission. 

f) The land is adjacent to the existing Recreation Field car park.

5. Location Plan

The area shaded blue is the area which the Parish Council is proposing to purchase as Open Space for the Community. The east (right) boundary borders on the Recreation Field.

6. Existing protected Rights of Way and Access

The boundary with the remaining field would be fenced on the west boundary with one vehicular access and one pedestrian gate. Vehicular access would enable access to the retained area and allow Fair car park access to the far gate (depending on landowner permission). The pedestrian gate would be for the footpath.

7. Position of Allotments

The exact location, size and number of allotments is to be agreed. The preference is to site them in the north west part of the purchased  area.  The example shown below could accommodate between 6 and 24 plots depending on their size.

8. Concerns and Safeguards

9. Remaining area of proposed Open Space

The Parish Council is looking for ideas. In the short term it will be a simple "Open Space" for parishioners to roam as long as they respect the privacy of the adjacent gardens and remove dog fouling.
Most new facilities would require planning consent.


10. Purpose of the Open Meeting and Agenda

The purpose of the meeting is to update progress since the "Ideas" consultation, provide parishioners with full details of the proposal, answer any questions, listen to concerns/suggestions and agree follow-up actions and schedule.

Order of Procedings