One Somerset


Somerset County Council are Proposing to become a Unitary Authority, taking on the District Council roles and disbanding them.

This is a major step that intends to save money and give more power to Parish and Town Councils. The issues are complex, the timescales are short, and action is continuing during the current emergency.

There is a One Somerset website at where you are invited to ‘Have Your Say’.

This is a significant change to the local government arrangements and your Parish Council recommends you visit the website, consider the issues and ‘have your say’. Whatever the outcome the local government arrangements adopted are likely to be in place for at least 30 years.

Your Parish Council currently have little more information than is on the website but expect much more over the next few weeks. Councillors agreed to signpost parishioners to relevant information so if you wish to influence the decision contact a Councillor and we can pass information to you as it arrives.

 Leigh-on-Mendip Parish Council, 29June 2020

Further information is added below as it becomes available: 

29Jun20: Recommendations on the Role of Parish Councils in the event of Local Government Reorganisation (LGR) in Somerset 

30Jul20: One Somerset unitary business case V1.0 July 2020

30Jul20: Joint Statement from the District Councils

31Jul20: Letter to Town/Parish Councils from Somerset County Council

08Sep20: Implications of Scale and disaggregation in Local Government Reorganisation (issued by Somerset County Council)

15Sep20: Stronger Somerset (issued by the District Councils)