Update on the Proposal for 40 House Development at Leigh on Mendip


Having received the leaflet from the developer recently posted through our doors entitled “Proposed Housing with a Playing Field and Car Park for the School in Leigh on Mendip”, Councillors wish to provide you with the following information.

The developer’s agent updated the Council after the earlier exchange of emails and after their delivery of the leaflets (all posted on the Village Website, on the Home page) to indicate that the consultation had been changed from a public meeting to the leaflet and comments.

Firstly, be assured that the Parish Council will hold a public meeting when the planning application has been submitted to Mendip and the detail is available; all we have to date is the layout of the development at this stage and none of the important documentation to support the application, such as the design, access, energy, highways, drainage and various environmental reports.

For your information:

·         The key finding of the November 2019 ‘Housing Needs Survey’ (HNS) for our parish was a need for two affordable homes within the next 5 years. The HNS is available to read on the Village Website on the Parish Council page.


·         Increasing the number of houses in the village by 40 is some 18% but, given that many of the existing dwellings are 1 or 2 occupancy, the Council estimates the number of residents would increase by between 20% and 25%.

If you decide to comment to the developer, the Parish Council would ask that you pass a copy of your comments to any Parish Councillor so that we can assimilate your views; we will keep these private unless you specifically ask for them to be posted on the website. Whether you comment to the developer or not, the Parish Council would urge you to comment to Mendip District Council when the planning application is submitted.

More importantly when the full implications of the development are clearer and Mendip District Council are seeking comments, the Parish Council will actively seek your views and will form their response to Mendip at a Parish Council meeting. This meeting, like all formal Parish Council meetings, will be open to the public and your view will be welcomed – depending on the Covid 19 situation this may be an online meeting. Until that time the Parish Council will be non-committal to avoid any charge of predetermination, which would jeopardise the legality of the Council’s view.

We will continue to provide any information made available to us in advance of the formal planning application being released.

Leigh on Mendip Parish Councillors

18 August 2020