Parish Council

The Parish Council usually meet on the third Monday of each month in the Leigh-on-Mendip Memorial Hall at 7:00pm. unless otherwise notified. The Parish Council AGM and the Annual Parish Meeting are held in the Leigh-on-Mendip Memorial Hall during May.  

See Parish Council Noticeboards (or the links below) for details of Agenda and previous minutes. These are situated:

Interim Parish Clerk  

Chris Cudmore

2 Oak Leaf Court, Townsend, Leigh on Mendip  BA3 5QS

Tel: 01373 813735



WAYS TO GET INVOLVED -  Be a Councillor, Tree Planting, Cycle Link, Neighbourhood Watch, Parish Rangers,  Footpaths - click here

Agenda.  3 days before the meeting (also on Parish Council Noticeboards)


Parish Councillors

Community Fund

The Village Design Statement

Housing Need Survey Report (Nov 2019)

How Mendip District Council Deals with Planning Applications

Proposal for 40 House Development in Leigh on Mendip (2020)

Annual Parish Newsletters   

Parish Plan 

Parish Council Policies & Standing Orders

Somerset Unitarisation - Local Government Reorganisation

Mendip Planning Enforcement (June 2020)

Highways - Service Levels (Sep 2013)

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