Parish Council

The Parish Council usually meet on the third Monday of each month in the Leigh-on-Mendip Memorial Hall at 7:00pm. unless otherwise notified. The Parish Council AGM and the Annual Parish Meeting are held in the Leigh-on-Mendip Memorial Hall during May. Schedule 

See Parish Council Noticeboards (or the links below) for details of Agenda and previous minutes. These are situated:

Parish Clerk Anthea Brooks

Ashville, Monger Lane, Midsomer Norton  BA3 2SP

Tel.   01761 418737

Email:  clerklom"at" (To prevent "harvesting" of emails from this site the "@" has been replaced by "at". Please manually reinsert the "@" if you wish to reply.)

Agenda, 3 days before the meeting (also on Parish Council Noticeboards)
 Annual Parish Council Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting to be held on Monday 20th May 2019.


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Parish Council Policies & Standing Orders

Highways - Service Levels (Sep 2013)

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