The Clerk thanked Councillors for agreeing to the postponement of the meeting due to illness.

Councillors present: A Gould; G Jeanes; N Haskins; M Loten; P Moore, N Park and

J Wright, Chairman.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.


NOTICEBOARD to be progressed. PM

PLANNING – letters sent.

RECREATION FIELD LEASE – see later discussion.

FINANCE – subscription paid.

CHURCHYARD CLOSURE – see later discussion.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS reply awaited.

Problems were being experienced with the circulation of the reading material from the meetings, hopefully it was just a temporary hitch occasioned by Christmas. Councillors will try to pass the material on promptly.


An application for a HAY BARN at HOLLYBUSH COTTAGE had been received that morning – this was looked at and it was agreed that there were no objections to the application. The application will be advertised on the notice boards. CLERK

For Information – a plan of a proposed woodland at Pitten House had been received.


NH raised the problem of burnt-out cars littering the Parish. JW explained that this question had arisen in the past and the best option was to contact the local policeman.

BUS SHELTER – the Clerk had been contacted by Brian Garrard Associates concerning the site for and, erection of a bus shelter near The Chimes. The offer to remove the seat donated to the Parish by the Fete Committee to another site as the proposed shelter has an integrated seat was noted. Although Councillors were not convinced that the shelter design was totally appropriate they agreed to withdraw their objections to the shelter and accept the offer to re-site the donated seat. A letter would be written to this effect asking that the householders near the proposed shelter be consulted. The Fete Committee will be informed of the proposal. The donated seat could be moved to the Rec Field, J Robson will be consulted. CLERK & PM


A decision has to be made by the PC before 11 February. Despite strenuous efforts ML had been unable to get any information as to the cost of levelling and mending the existing graves and monuments and costs for repairing the walls. As the cost of this and future maintenance was the major deciding factor in the decision as to whether the PC or the District Council took over the responsibility it was felt, because of this lack, the calling of a Parish Meeting would not achieve anything as the Council had nothing to tell the villagers. JW proposed that the PC hand over responsibility to Mendip. ML disagreed with this proposal saying that the standard of care of other Closed Churchyards administered by Mendip caused great concern to their PCC’s because of the perceived cavalier attitude of the contractors towards the monuments. The Village Survey had shown a very strong preference from respondents to keep a village burial facility and this, coupled with the very favourable response received by the Parish Council to its care of the Churchyard in the past year meant that she was worried that Mendip would not be able to maintain the same high standard. Surprise was expressed that the Church did not have a duty to hand over the area in good order. It was agreed to ask Mendip DC for an assurance that the PC could deal with the day to day mowing contract as had been suggested by Councillor Cawood during earlier discussions (5 October 1999 Minutes) and to discuss the matter at the next meeting. CLERK

RECREATION FIELD – Clerk will send for 12 copies of Charity Commission publication CC3 "Responsibilities of Charity Trustees". CLERK

Minutes of RFMC meeting to be circulated.

HALL – NH reported that an Open Meeting had been well attended and suggestions for future fund raising events were a Barn Dance in June and Race Nights in March & October. Applications for funding were being made to the Lottery.

FINANCE – Current a/c

PRECEPT - Following consideration NH proposed a precept for 2000/01 of £2700, ML seconded and all agreed. CLERK

AUDIT FEE – bill from Robson Rhodes for £102.81 – Fee £87.50 + VAT £15.31 – JW proposed payment, PM seconded, all agreed. Cheque 317 signed. CLERK


Salary Oct to Dec £291.72 + Expenses July to Dec £25.80 = £317.52

NH proposed payment, GJ seconded, all agreed. Cheque 318 dated 18/01/00 signed.

MEETINGS ATTENDED – JW added papers from SALC 11 Dec meeting to circ pack.


CIRCULATED – School Governor Information (JW expressed his willingness to resign as a governor if another Councillors would consider standing): Public Transport Map and Forum Meeting in Midsomer Norton on 27 Jan information: Papers from SLCC: Mendip Leaflet: SALC Papers: Halecombe Liaison Minutes.





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