Councillors present: A Gould, N Haskins, G Jeanes, M Loten, P Moore, N Park and

J Wright (Chairman).

Councillor Cawood was present for the Planning and Roads & Footpaths items.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were amended to include N Park in the list of Councillors present, the Clerk apologized for the omission, and they were then accepted as a true record and signed.

MATTERS ARISING – all letters sent.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – list of ‘gullies’ checked by GJ and given to Clerk to be forwarded to WS Atkins. CLERK

CHURCHYARD CLOSURE – meeting arranged between ML and JW for the PC and Derek Hooper, Rob Thurston and Gloria Cawood for Thursday 9 March at 3pm.

RECREATION FIELD - the Bus Shelter designated for Leigh had been marked out on the pavement next to the seat donated by the Fete Committee. Complaints had been received about the shelter position and it was realized that no consultation had been entered into by the provider. The Clerk had consulted the Chairman and then asked that work on the shelter be stopped until the due process had been gone through, this had been done and more information was awaited. D Turner offered to put a picture of the proposed shelter on the web site – GJ gave him one.

CORRESPONDENCE – A second helicopter exercise had taken place on the evening of 28 February. Mrs Phillips had contacted the office of the local MP and spoken to Helen Francis about the matter as had JW and the Clerk and it now appears that the matter will be taken up by him so any future complaints ought to be directed to his Frome Office. This information had also been conveyed to J Yeoman at Manor Farm who had written to the PC. A copy of the original letter will be sent to J Davis for information. CLERK

The Clerk and Mrs Phillips had informed those whom they thought would be affected.


As already reported a meeting has been arranged with Mendip District Council . ML asked if the Vicar should attend. Councillors wondered if it would be appropriate but decided as he would be involved if any faculty for work was needed that he was welcome.


Erection of 4 dwellings and 5 garages at Townsend Farm.

A Gould declared and interest and took no part in this item.

The plan shows the houses as being constructed from Bekstone, examples of which had been brought to show Councillors.

After discussion it was agreed that the preference was for those elevations visible from the road to be natural stone, not a composite material, as this would be more in keeping with the VDS. And that this be made a condition of any permission granted so that it could not be altered by delegated powers. CLERK

Permission has been granted for the HAY BARN at HOLLYBUSH COTTAGE, STABLES and FIELD SHELTER at PARK HAYES and the STABLES at PARK HAYES whose plan has been amended to include wooden paneling to make the building more rural in appearance.

MENDIP LOCAL PLAN – pre-inquiry changes. It was agreed that if any Councillor wanted to comment they would inform the Clerk. AG took document.


Broken footpath sign at the Rec Field will be reported. CLERK

Speed loops have not been put in as promised last year, matter will be pursued. CLERK

G Cawood reported that Waterlip were pressing for better signing to encourage drivers to use the Bulls Green Road as they are getting Halecombe traffic going via them. They wanted decent signing from the A361 at Nunney as well. Such signing would have implications for Leigh. She will keep us informed.


No claim from Burial Clerk.

It was agreed to ask for a tender from D Jarvis for the grass cutting of the Cemetery and the Churchyard. M MEARS


Minutes to be circulated. The progress of the car park was questioned, JR will be contacted. Lease needs to be discussed. CLERK


The Race Night had been a success raising about £385 each for the Hall and FOLS and £180 for the Mozambique Appeal. NP was thanked for his contribution as MC. Work on the Lottery Fund grant was progressing. More rentals had been received. Barn Dance 3 June.


Clerks salary deferred to next meeting.

NATIONAL SAVINGS INVESTMENT ACCOUNT – pass book returned to Glasgow as a new book showing that two withdrawals of £500 had been sent although only one had been paid into the bank a/c. ML

SALC SUBSCRIPTION - £63.58p JW proposed payment, NP seconded all agreed. Cheque 321 made out and signed. CLERK

SOMERSET COMPUTING – bill for photocopying £32.51

Laser printer accessories £81.43

VAT £14.25

TOTAL £95.68

PM proposed payment, NP seconded, all agreed.Cheque 322 made out &signed.CLERK

VAT CLAIM for £124.42p completed. CLERK


NP attended the EAST MENDIP RURAL TASK FORCE TRANSPORT SUB COMMITTEE meeting – he requested that the Coleford Flyer call at L-O-M morning, around 7am, and evening to allow people working in Bath or Bristol to connect with other buses. He was awaiting confirmation.

The Mendip Connector could only be used if no existing bus service uses the route, to villagers it could be useful to, for example go to the surgery or to connect with the late bus from Bath to Frome late at night.


SCHOOL GOVERNORS – request for governor for Leigh School, Oakfield and Frome College. PM took nomination form for Leigh School. No other names forthcoming. PM

CIRCULATED – PC INFORMATION BULLETIN for MARCH, a letter explaining the funding of the shop’s noticeboard which had been sent to JW was included; RACIAL EQUALITY COUNCIL info; GINGERBREAD info; MAGIC MOMENTS leaflet; SUSTAIN meeting; REC FIELD MINUTES; Notes from MIDSOMER NORTON LOCAL TRANSPORT FORUM; AGENDA 21 COMMUNITY VISION FOR SOMERSET.

VILLAGE SPRING CLEANING DAY on 26 March volunteers needed.

SALC request for information about Village Leaflet. CLERK & ML


Dates for AGM/APM suggested 4 or 9 May. CLERK

Newsletter will be prepared for next meeting. CLERK & JW









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