Councillors present: A Gould, N Haskins, M Loten, P Moore, N Park and J Wright, Chairman.

Apologies were accepted from G Jeanes. Cllr G Cawood also sent her apologies.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.

MATTERS ARISING – all letters sent.

HELICOPTERS – Jackie Davis had expressed her disappointment to the Clerk that they, as the landowners, had not been approached about the helicopter exercises as they had the right of veto. The Clerk had explained that as it was a military matter it had been assumed that it would embarrass the landowner if a request to break an agreement was made.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – footpath sign reported but no action possible until the new financial year.

All other matters will be discussed in the course of the meeting.

BUS SHELTER– current status will be requested. CLERK

BURIAL GROUND/CHURCHYARD – ML & JW had had a meeting with officers from Mendip District Council and it had been agreed that the PC could administer the Mowing Contract for the whole area for this year. They were surprised to learn that Burial Grants were to be paid this year and they were told that other monies would be made available to help with the cost. It was agreed to write for more information about Burial Grants as no forms have been received. CLERK

The Cemetery Clerk had received two quotes for mowing/strimming the closed Churchyard and the Cemetery. Meare Landscape – initial cut £250 + £320 per month (based on 2 cuts per month @ £160 each) + final cut in November of £250, all prices include VAT.

David Jarvis - £480 for season based on 2 cuts a month between early April and early November. JW proposed accepting D Jarvis’s tender, AG seconded and all agreed. ML will pass this information to the Cemetery Clerk. ML



ML presented the final accounts to Councillors for their comments. They were accepted as accurate and NP proposed their adoption, PM seconded and all agreed. Four copies were signed by the Chairman and Clerk.

CLERK’S SALARY & EXPENSES - Expenses £12.90 + Salary £291.72 = £304.62p. ML proposed payment, NP seconded and all agreed. Cheque 323 on current a/c made out & signed.

PARISH PATH MAINTENANCE SCHEME – Agreement for renewal will be signed & returned to Mendip District Council, no money spent last year. CLERK

COMMUNITY COUNCIL SUBSCRIPTION – JW proposed paying £10, NP seconded all agreed. Cheque 324 made out and signed. CLERK

VAT REFUND - £124.42 paid into current a/c.

AGM/APM & YEARLY NEWSLETTER – it was agreed to hold the AGM/APM on 9 May at 7.30 and 8pm respectively. CLERK

The contents of the Newsletter were discussed. CLERK & JW

PLANNING – For Information the Planning Application for 4 houses and 5 garages at Townsend Farm has been changed to a new application as the area covered by the current application was slightly different from that agreed in the outline permission granted earlier. Comments already submitted by the PC still stand.

QUARRY MATTERS – sound monitoring is taking place in the area. The Clerk will ascertain if the armory has been built. CLERK

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – Signpost needed for footpath at Park Corner. Stile specifications as to height and width requested by AG. The installation of stiles that are easier for the older walker to negotiate will be investigated. CLERK CORRIDOR STUDY – no comment.

REC FIELD – nothing to report.

HALL – Charity Return not made. Clerk has contacted the Charity Commission who are sending a form which she will pass on to K Cockroft the Hall Treasurer. CLERK

MEETINGS ATTENDED – NP had attended a meeting of the East Mendip Rural Task Force and reported that a sub group has been formed to look into another scheme for taking IT training to the villages after some negative feedback on the current scheme. WSAtkins have been invited to the May meeting at Buckland Dinham as PCs felt they were not getting especially good service from them. The request for an early morning/evening village bus service is receiving consideration.


Invite for Chairman to attend "Mendip in Bloom" on 17 April, 11am in Shepton.

CIRCULATED – THATCH; Society of Local Council Clerks AGM; Somerset Best Value leaflet; Mendip Primary Care Group Info; Clerks & Councils Direct; Somerset Levels Bike Ride.

Request for volunteers to join Best Value Liaison Committee with Mendip District Council passed on to Councillors.

NEXT MEETING – AGM/APM 9 May 2000 in the Hall at 7.30pm.






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