PARISH COUNCIL REPORT given by John Wright, Parish Council Chairman.

The Churchyard is now officially closed and the PC have passed its care to Mendip District Council because it was agreed that the future costs involved in its repair and maintenance would impose too great a burden on the Parish. For this year the mowing contract has been placed by the PC and will be paid for from the Precept and a grant promised from Mendip District Council. Thanks are due to Mary Mears, Cemetery Clerk, and the contractor David Jarvis.

A number of Planning Application have been dealt with and Councillors were hopeful that the Village Design Statement would be a useful tool when applications were decided. On 2 May the Planning Board met to discuss an application for 5 houses at Townsend Farm and went against the PC and the VDS by allowing the use of reconstituted stone rather than natural stone. This major disappointment casts doubt on the usefulness of the VDS as planning guidance.

The Precept for this year was set at £2700, about half this sum goes on salaries and expenses and the rest is used for grants etc. The amount precepted has been steady for the last 5 years.

Public Transport is being improved in the area. A bus shelter was proposed for the stop near The Chimes, the shelter of Perspex and metal is not in line with the VDS but the PC were given no option as to the design. It was agreed that the seat at this site donated by the Fete Committee would be moved by the contractor to the Recreation Field.

The Web Site needs updating regularly and information should be given to the webmaster Tom Turner or to the Clerk.

Footpaths are the special concern of Gerald Jeanes, any complaints about obstruction should be given to him or the Clerk. Councillors are looking at ways to make the stiles more accessible to all.

The Quarry Liaison meetings held twice a year continue to be the only ones in the area that are open to all comers

Road Maintenance was discussed by Councillors with WSAtkins last year and we were told that there were no funds available for the work that needed to be done. As it is a new financial year we will contact them again.

There are a number of organizations in the village that enhance village life and volunteers are always needed .

MEMORIAL HALL REPORT given by Nick Haskins.

Financially the Hall is sound but money is being raised for a new roof, Lottery funding is being explored in this context. The porch has been done up and the external maintenance has been contracted out as well as equipment inspection being organized as money is raised by hiring items out. The School are now using the Hall for indoor football.




RECEATION FIELD REPORT given by Jan Robson (see copy attached).

Paul Moore the retiring PC Rep was thanked for his work for the field.


The state of the start of the track/footpath beside the new houses was raised. JR said that he was trying to organize surfacing for the car park area and maintenance of this area could be included in the programme – the long term aim was to make it the vehicular access to the field and close the current access and car park.

A new footpath sign is needed – Clerk had phoned Mendip District Council about this and been told to wait for the new financial year, the matter will be pursued. CLERK


The New Years party was a great success. The stone seat is being carved and all are invited to contribute to the work. Snowdrops have been planted. A street party to be held in Bellfield is planned for 24 June. A funding request to the Lottery has been agreed but the actual amount is not yet known.


The question of a bus shelter was raised by a Parishioner who said it had been partially answered by the PC Chairman but he wanted to know if a shelter could be erected near Park Hayes, by Herbert Dunn House.

It was explained that the site at The Chimes had been chosen by the authorities administering the grant given to the area to improve transport facilities and that the area suggested by the Parishioner would involve a third party and more work and expense. It was agreed that the PC would investigate the possibility of the provision of another shelter for the ‘top end’ of the village. CLERK

The speed of traffic at Townsend and the number of minor accidents in this area were once again drawn to the attention of the Parish by a resident who said he kept a log of them.

The PC had drawn the attention of the representative of WSAtkins to this area and asked for some means of slowing down the traffic to be put in place but had been told that nothing could be done – no fatalities no action was the impression given. It was suggested that the resident inform SCC Highways, WSAtkins, the local County Councillor each time an accident occurs. Clerk to provide directions. CLERK

A complaint about the hedge at the bottom of Knapp Hill making driving dangerous was made. G Jeanes will talk to the farmer. GJEANES

A request for the PC to buy a new Neighbourhood Watch sign to replace the one stolen from outside the Sawmills was made.

A written request will be made and sent to the P C.

J Robson told those present that a gift of £220 had been given to Graham Ashman our village postman who was leaving the round. The thank you letter received will be published in the Parish Magazine.

The Meeting closed and refreshments were served.


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