HELD ON 30 MAY 2000


Councillors present: A Gould, N Haskins, G Jeanes, M Loten, N Park and J Wright, Chairman.

Apologies were accepted from P Moore.

G Cawood, District Councillor, had sent her apologies.

MINUTES OF THE APRIL 4, MAY 9 AGM AND MAY 9 MEETINGS, were accepted as a true record and signed.


APRIL 4 – No Burial Grant yet received. CLERK

Cheques paid.

Park Corner Footpath sign carried forward. CLERK

MAY 9 – Planning application responded to.

MAY 9 AGM – JW proposed writing to the Countryside Agency, the MP and John Prescott MP concerning the lack of notice being taken of the Village Design Statement as Planning Guidance by the District Council even though they have adopted it. ML seconded and all agreed. CLERK


RENT FOR HALL FOR AGM/APM - ML proposed payment of £8, NH seconded, all agreed. Current a/c Cheque 325 made out, signed.

INSURANCE PREMIUM - £109.20. JW proposed payment, GJ seconded, all agreed. Cheque 326 made out and signed. Cornhill will be asked if damage to fencing, memorials and the noticeboard are covered. CLERK

WRVS GRANT REQUEST – it was agreed they supported people in the village. JW proposed granting £50, NP seconded, agreed. Cheque 327 made out and signed. Details of work in the area and info for potential users will be asked for. CLERK

MOWING BILL – for 3 cuts totaling £107.50. GJ proposed payment, AG seconded and all agreed. Cheque 010 on the Cemetery A/c made out and signed.

It was agreed to transfer £2500 to the Investment A/c.

A notice saying the accounts are available for inspection has been displayed.


It was agreed that there were lots of policies about re-instatement but that these were ignored in the forward planning. The plan has no teeth to enforce the laudable aims it contains. A response would be formulated. JW & CLERK

JW drew Councillors attention to a notice from SALC asking for volunteers.

It was agreed to purchase a ‘Best Value’ booklet. CLERK







Blackers Lane and Stocks Lane road surfaces need to be repaired. The drains in the village were blocked and the road flooded in the recent rain. CLERK

It was agreed that work needs to be done on clearing the footpaths. NH proposed allocating £50 for the clearing of Church Drain, GJ seconded and all agreed. The Clerk will ask for tenders. CLERK


A letter from the Avon & Somerset Constabulary proposing that the local policeman attends PC meetings to answer questions and then to hold a ‘surgery’ for local people was discussed. The Clerk pointed out that the local policeman used to attend occasional meetings. It was agreed to support this. CLERK


DP had attended a meeting of the Mendip Quarries Advisory Group and provided a written report which was added to the circulation file.

The Minerals Plan had been welcomed but it had been agreed that the theory of after-use and its practical implementation were very different. The aggregate tax had been discussed.


Notification of changes to the postal address of the village had been received from the Royal Mail. It was agreed that the PC would oppose the change of postal town from Bath to Radstock on the grounds that it could adversely affect insurance premiums, that it would alter the perception of others as to the location of the village. The Clerk said that when postcodes were first introduced she thought the publicity was that you only needed your house number and the post code for a letter to be delivered so did it matter what postal town was put on a letter. It was agreed to write and protest about the proposed changes. CLERK

West Country Ambulance Service Training Course offer – the PC would be willing to hire the Hall for a course. CLERK

PC Seminar on 31 May.

The following were circulated: Planning Permission Book advert; Somerset Heritage Walks & Events Programme; meeting schedule for Local Transport Plan 2001/06; Mendip in Bloom information; SCC meeting papers; Voluntary Action Mendip; Checking it out; ‘The Clerk’; ‘Clerks & Councils Direct’; SALC East Area Papers; Mendip PCG Board Briefing; Rec Field Minutes April & May; Letter from Coleford Council; ‘Out in the Country’ & ‘Managing Public Access’ two publications from the Countryside Agency.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 4 July. Venue to be arranged, police will be invited.




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