Councillors present: M Loten, P Moore, N Park, and J Wright(Chairman) A Gould arrived during Matters Arising.

Apologies were accepted from G Jeanes and N Haskins.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.

MATTERS ARISING – Reply from DETR on behalf of John Prescott MP. Supports idea of VDS but it is only supplementary planning guidance.

Insurance – have to pay excess of £75, as value of items only a little over this we will not pursue the matter.It was agreed to check insurance re Park Hayes noticeboard. CLERK

Planning – letters sent

Roads & Footpaths – WS Atkins schedule of work. CLERK

Arrange emergency life support training with Westcountry Ambulance Services.CLERK


PC notification procedure letter from Mendip District Council – circulated.

Hedge End on Leigh Street has constructed a conservatory and replaced rear windows of house to match – check planning permission to see if wooden windows a requirement of approval. CLERK

Concern had been expressed as to what was happening at Whitehole Farm. The clerk had spoken to G Cawood the District Councillor about this matter and the situation was being monitored.


The Clerk reported that for the second year running the auditors Robson Rhodes had failed to call the PC for annual audit. ML had delivered the books to Mendip District Council and they would be audited – the Notice of Audit had already been displayed. Because of this no cheque books were available.

FOOTPATH CLEARING BILL [ML declared an interest & took no part]

JW proposed payment to B Loten of £25, PM seconded, all agreed. Cheque 329 on the current a/c will be made out & signed.

[ML returned to the meeting]

HALL RENT – bill for £8 for use for last meeting. JW proposed payment, ML seconded, all agreed. Cheque 330 on current a/c will be made out & signed.

CEMETERY MOWING BILL from Cemetery a/c.

Bill from D Jarvis for mowing on 14 & 28 July of £45. NP proposed payment, PM seconded, all agreed. Cheque 012 will be made out & signed. ML & CLERK

The Cemetery Clerk’s remuneration has not changed since her appointment. She is on the same scale as the Parish Clerk but at the bottom guidance will be obtained from SALC. CLERK


CLERK’S SALARY new cost of living rise introduced in April, hourly rate increased from £7.48 to £7.70 – a rise of £8.58 a quarter, total remuneration per quarter £300.30p. ML proposed raising the Clerk’s salary in line with the guidance and backdating it to the start of the financial year, PM seconded, all agreed. The £8.58 owed will be added to the next quarter’s claim.


The question of small ads on the web site and whether to charge was discussed. It was agreed to run it for a trial period of 6 months free and then review the matter. Clerk will discuss with Web Master being able to amend and add information to the site. CLERK


Inform WS Atkins about undergrowth on footpath at Sparks Farm Field & road surfaces at Yew Tree Cottage, Whitehole Hill & Doors Hill. CLERK

The stile into Sparks Farm Field is in a dangerous condition – JW proposed using Footpath Grant to purchase a kissing gate if land user is agreeable, AG seconded and all agreed. AG offered to put it up. CLERK

BUS SHELTER – some residents and Councillors had met with Brian Garrod to discuss the proposed bus shelter at The Chimes – ML had spoken to the residents of The Chimes who had no objection as long as their access view was not obstructed. As agreed residents from Ellery Cottage to the Shop, Virginia Cottage to The chimes had been leafleted and invited to take part in a survey giving their preference for the position of the shelter – to left or right of current Stop or trying to re-site the shelter to nearer the Bellfield turning. Four people had responded and the majority had expressed their preference for the site of the current seat donated by the Fete. An offer to move this seat to the Rec Field has already been made. CLERK


The Halecombe preliminary assessment had been received – concern was expressed that this had been submitted earlier in the year but only just sent to the PC. SCC will be asked to keep the PC informed. Tarmac has been purchased by Anglo American but it is not known how or if this will affect Halecombe. CLERK


Fence around play area waiting to be erected. The Clerk reported that D Pattison from the RFMC was aware and therefore could not attend the PC meeting to discuss the Lease – this will be carried forward. CLERK


A grant application for waste bins had just been received, enquiries will be made as to whether any grants are available from Mendip District Council &– it will be discussed at the next meeting. CLERK





A presentation by Andy Marsh from the police about a pilot scheme for the East Mendip Quarry Village of Holcombe, Vobster, Coleford, L-O-M, and Stoke for ‘Parish Wardens’ had been made. The use of the term ‘Quarry Villages’ was questioned. More information is being collected.


Circulated – Best Value Guide; Avon Constabulary Information; Food Focus info; Health & Social Needs Info; "Shaping Health" from the Health Authority Services for Mendip; August PC Info; Rec Field Minutes of 12 & 26 July.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING 5 September, venue the School at 1930h.

Agenda items – Hall Grant; Rec Field Lease; Cemetery Clerk’s salary.














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