Councillors present: M Loten, P Moore, N Park, J Wright (Chairman) and N Haskins who arrived late.

Apologies were accepted from A Gould and G Jeanes.

The MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were amended to include under FINANCE "Spinal Column Point 16, @ £6.62 per hour." And were then accepted and signed.

MATTERS ARISING – all letters had been sent.

[N Haskin arrived]

PLANNING – the Clerk had spoken to the officer at Mendip District Council about the application for Whitehole Farm, no plans for the swimming pool will be forthcoming and the application will be decided on those already submitted. PM expressed concern as to whether the Council would be kept informed about any subsequent planning applications for this sensitive area, the Clerk will monitor the situation. CLERK

FINANCE – Burial charges for Mendip Cemeteries have been requested, ML gave the Clerk the Church charges. Fees will be discussed at the next meeting. CLERK

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – the Bus Shelter has been erected. A bike that was chained to the post had to be released, it has been returned to its owner. ML expressed concern that the entrance to the shelter was in the wrong place.

CHANGE OF POSTAL TOWN – a letter from the Post Office had been received, Leigh will have Radstock as the postal town.


Receipt from Hall Committee for Litter Bin grant received.

The Clerk claimed: Salary £330.30 for 1 July to 30 September

Salary owed from last quarter £ 8.58

Expenses £ 5.15

TOTAL £340.03

PM proposed payment, NP seconded, all agreed. Cheque 332 on Current a/c made out, dated 9/10/00 (Transfer from Investment a/c due 7/10/00) and signed.

Request from MENDIP CARE AND REPAIR for a three year commitment to their funding to help finance a second handy person, they are seeking grant funding and want promises from other bodies to assist them in preparing their submission. Disquiet was expressed by Councillors about making such a long term commitment. It was agreed to seek more information. CLERK

Request from MID SOMERSET CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU for a grant. NP proposed £50, PM seconded, all agreed. Cheque 333 made out & signed. CLERK

CEMETERY MOWING - Bill for £55 received for work done on 8/09 & 22/09. JW proposed payment, NH seconded, all agreed. Cheque no 14 will be made out from the Cemetery Account and signed. There is approximately £90 left in the ‘mowing fund’.

It was agreed the Chairman would sign the quarterly bank statements when he had seen them.


MILLENNIUM SEAT – PM stated that the site originally planned for the seat was not practicable as it would entail the moving of a telegraph/electricity pole etc and although the land would have been a donation legal fees would have had to be met by the Millennium Committee. A number of sites had been considered by the Committee and he outlined these to Councillors in order of preference. It was agreed that he would produce detailed drawings and consult the appropriate department at the DC. PM


The Clerk had been contacted after efforts to sweep the village streets had been aborted due to the number of parked cars. It was agreed to arrange a time then leaflet and sign the village so that as far as possible cars could be removed. CLERK

RECREATION FIELD – no report, JW will meet D Pattison to discuss the Lease and it will be on the Agenda for November. CLERK

HALL REPORT – NH. AGM is on 6 November at 8pm. Race night is on 7 October. The Clerk reported that the Charity Commission had requested the Hall accounts which had already been sent to them, the letter was given to the Treasurer.


NP on the East Mendip Rural Task Force.

Rural transport - finances to appoint a co-coordinator had been received. Extra buses in the morning and evening to link the village with Radstock will be run and a new Saturday service will be available. European recognition is being sort for Asham Woods and the Mells River Valley as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. The Quarry Sub Committee is to be reconvened and JW was asked if he would be a member, he agreed. Questions for the planning officer concerning Enforcement will be addressed at the next meeting.

JW on the Somerset Association of Local Councils AGM.

"General Principles of Conduct in Local Government" circulated

New Declaration of Acceptance of Office in force from April 2001.

"Local Finance Green Paper" response by 8/12/00 – circulated. CLERK

The Clerk will get a copy of Info Sheet 6 about DIY Housing Associations. CLERK

Audit Commission - reply from SALC circulated.

Rural White Paper due 23 October. SALC plan to separate from the Community Council and to fund this subs will rise by 8%. Sedgemoor have published a PC Charter which has been approved and recommended by SCC.

An address by the Chief Constable of Police, Steve Pilkington, dealt with Parish Wardens, funding and the tightening of standards.


Also included letter from David Heath MP about the Helicopter Noise; A/Z of Highway Related Services; Postal Address letter.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING November 7 in the School at 1930h.

The Meeting closed at 2050h.

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