Councillors present: G Jeanes, M Loten, P Moore, N Park and Chairman J Wright. A Gould and N Haskin arrived late.

District Councillor G Caywood sent her apologies.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were corrected to read under FINANCE "the Clerk claimed Salary £300.30p …………TOTAL £314.03p." They were then accepted as a true record and signed.

MATTERS ARISING – all letters sent.

Planning – Whitehole Farm planning application withdrawn. Site is being inspected by Mendip District Council to see if work done to date contravenes that legally allowed without permission.

Finance – Mendip Care and Repair says some work has been done for people in Leigh and it is expected that the handyman scheme will be subscribed to more.

Acknowledgement of CAB Grant received.

Millennium Seat - next agenda. CLERK/PM

N Haskins arrived.

Roads & Footpaths – the Clerk had contacted Paul Allen at Mendip District Council about Street Sweeping he had suggested that the PC approach Tarmac at Halecombe Quarry to ask if they would sweep the road at least as far as the School if not further. It was agreed that this job ought to be carried out by the DC as part of their ‘service’ to Parishioners and not be done by an outside agency. CLERK

A Gould arrived

Rec Field Lease – JW had written to the Charity Commission asking them who owns the field, is it the Charity Commission or the PC. If the former then the RFMC is answerable to them. He also expressed concern about the legal procedure governing a possible sale of this village asset. A reply is awaited. CLERK/JW

Members of the public who were present were invited to speak. The state of the road at Whitehole Hill due to its use by very large vehicles was raised and the PC were asked if a weight or length restriction could be put on the road. PM said he had noted the number of a lorry on the road and contacted Halecombe about it only for them to deny knowledge of the vehicle despite it being in their livery. The amount of hardcore being taken into Whitehole Farm was also drawn to the attention of Councillors.

A complaint about the use of the Bus Shelter as a meeting place for the young people of the village with the attendant noise was raised. The local police will be contacted about monitoring the site. The litter left by those users and the dirty state of the shelter was also discussed. The provision of a litter bin was discussed. NP said he had removed the bin, whose emptying he had to finance, from the shop front as it was being used by some people to deposit dog faeces, dirty nappies and litter from cars. Contact B Garrod re cleaning the shelter and providing litter collection . CLERK

FINANCE - JW checked and signed Parish Council Bank Statement sheets 67 and 68. Financial Report for November was agreed by all and signed by JW and Clerk.

GRANT REQUEST FROM VICTIM SUPPORT – last grant January 1999. JW proposed £20, NP seconded and all agreed. Cheque 334 made out & signed. CLERK

HALL RENT FOR LIFESAVING COURSE – the Clerk had thanked the course providers on behalf of the PC. JW proposed payment of £10, AG seconded and all agreed. Cheque 335 made out and signed. CLERK

CEMETERY A/C – MOWING BILL for 6/10, 20/10 and 3/11 amounting to £95 had been received. This meant that the mowing contract was finished. JW proposed payment and commented on the quality of the work done and expressed the PC’s thanks to David Jarvis, PM seconded,all agreed.Cheque15 made out and signed.CEMETERY CLERK

PRECEPT – requests for grants had been advertised in the Parish Magazine. It will be discussed at the next PC meeting. CLERK

CEMETERY – GJ said he had trimmed the hedge around the Cemetery, he was thanked for this. He had also purchased a memorial seat to be placed in the Cemetery. It was agreed that a meeting would be arranged with JW, ML, GJ and the Cemetery Clerk to decide where it will be sited.

One of the graves has been planted which is contrary to the Rules. The family will be asked to let it revert to grass within a reasonable period. CEMETERY CLERK

Cemetery Fees were looked at in relation to those levied by Mendip District Council and the Church and it was agreed to leave them at their present level.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – GC has reported that she was asking for more warning measures to be installed at Long Cross. Following a letter from a Parishioner about the state of the road near Yew Tree Cottage the Clerk had written to WS Atkins. It was felt that all the road surfaces in the Parish needed to be attended to and it was decided to ask for a meeting with WS Atkins. CLERK

From GC – traffic calming criteria still being worked out.

A Parishioner complained that the hedge at Knap Hill had not been cut despite promises made last year. GJ said he had written to P White the landowner about this. GJ had also made arrangements for the hedge alongside the car park at LJH to be cut. It was agreed to thank the quarry for cutting back their hedges. CLERK

GJ had spoken to J Dutson of ARC who was agreeable to replacing the stile into Sparks Farm field with a kissing gate. He has to approach the tenant to get his agreement. GJ

The state of repair of the stile into Barns Close from the field will be looked at.


Councillors queried the staircase into the roof space. They did not object to the plan and commented on the height and material of the courtyard walls. CLERK

REC FIELD REPORT – minutes from meetings circulated with the correspondence.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE GREEN PAPER – it was agreed to allow SALC to comment on behalf of the PC.

QUARRY MATTERS – the schedule of representation had been purchased and will be circulated. From GC – SCC will consider the second draft this month.

HALL REPORT – AGM held on 6/11/00. Minutes and Financial Report circulated.

MEETING ATTENDED – Invitation to Planning Forum 1630 – 2000h on 30/11/00. GJ and JW took papers.

CIRCULATION - THATCH; Community Council for Somerset AGM info; PC Info Bulletin; East Area SALC Meeting info; Improving Health pamphlet; Primary Care info; Mendip Influence; Rec Field Minutes; Hall Minutes and Financial Report; letters about Whitehole Hill planning application all Circulated.












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