Councillors present: A Gould, M Loten, P Moore, J Wright (Chairman) and N Park who arrived late.

Apologies were accepted from G Jeanes.


(N Park arrived)

Quarry representatives had come to tell the Parish Councillors about a planning application which is to be presented to the villagers before submission to Somerset County Council. The plan is to deepen the quarry to release approximately 11 million tonnes to be worked, along with existing reserves, over the next 20 years. An Environmental Impact Statement has been commissioned and Councillors were assured that the plan will mean no extra traffic, or output levels. The new proposal would retain the present access and the plant in the current location as quarrying had been terminated in the Rookery area due to contamination of the stone and therefore the proposal in the last permission to position the plant lower down can not be fulfilled. To counteract this the environmental banking will be re-profiled in areas to try to reduce the noise and visual impact. The representatives were asked about restoration plans for the quarry and were told that the company planned to put in a restoration design concept. It was anticipated that a final water depth of 30 metres would result but this was dependent on Whatley.

The presentation to the village is on 9 February 1600-2000h and 10 February 0930-1230h in the Hall.

The Chairman thanked the representatives for attending.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record and signed.


ROADS – the Chairman had received a phone call from Frank Lake – WS Atkins- apologizing for not responding to letters since Sept/Oct. Letter also received 30/01/01.


ROADS & FOOTPATHS – GJ had been given information about ordering a kissing gate.

The Clerk had been contacted by PC Smith regarding the youth problem in the village. He had confessed that until the ‘egging’ outbreak district wide at Halloween the village had received less than its fair share of policing. He had been in the village recently and spoken to a group of young people but to date had not notice any congregation in the bus shelter. He will attend the next PC meeting and hold a ‘surgery’. CLERK


This scheme to reduce drug taking and vandalism in villages by getting groups to work for the good of the community was not felt to be appropriate. The Clerk had tried to get information for the meeting about a scheme to provide grants of up to £500 to finance a ‘hut’ for young people to meet in but it had not yet been made available. The finding of a volunteer supervisor was discussed as the Sports and Social Club premises could be used for meetings. SCC Youth Department will be consulted. CLERK

A parishioner stated that the youth problem was a result of the bus shelter and that it was never used by people waiting for the bus only by youths to meet in. This was disputed but it was agreed to write to the Parishioners about the youth problem. CLERK

The problem of litter in the bus shelter gave rise to the suggestion that the PC ask Mendip District Council for a litter bin there and if necessary help to finance it. CLERK

JW had given information about the Wyvern Environmental Trust who administered money raised by the Landfill Tax to N Haskins, perhaps they might be a grant source.


The 30 January 2001 Financial Report was accepted and signed.

The Clerk claimed Salary of £300.30 +

Expenses £27.57

TOTAL £327.87 for the period 1 October – 31 December 2000.

ML proposed payment, PM seconded and all agreed. Current a/c cheque 338 made out and signed, dated 5 Feb 2001 when funds from Investment a/c are available. CLERK

MAGIC MOMENTS – Web Site renewal subscription due of £193.88. It was agreed that this was too expensive. Tom Turner had intimated to the Clerk that a Web site could be hosted for £95 and she felt that if she had the ability to update the PC entry regularly and to remove outdated information this would be more acceptable. Unfortunately TT had not been available to supply her with more information. It was agreed that the PC would like to retain a website but not with Magic Moments and that it was only of value if it could be updated regularly. CLERK

As agreed at the last meeting cheque no 339 for £9.99 was made out to Local Council Review for the paper of that name. CLERK


The draft of the Cemetery Rules was circulated – slight alterations to Rules 16 & 18 had been made to cover planting on graves. JW proposed adopting the rules, NP seconded and all agreed. Cemetery Clerk will be informed. CLERK

A letter with information about the revision of the rules was approved by Councillors.

Rob Thurston of Mendip District Council will be contacted about Burial Grants and the mowing contract for 2001. CLERK

PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY – no election had been requested so co-option will take place. A notice inviting people to apply will be displayed on the boards. CLERK


The milestone at LJH had fallen over and the sign post at the Downhead crossroad has been damaged (J Davis has the pieces). None of the requested repairs have yet been done to the roads, the Clerk will write again and add the above to the list. The success of the drainage work at Stocks Lane was commented on. CLERK

The question of light pollution in Bellfield due to the street lamps remaining on all night and the flooding of that area were raised.


VINING ESTATE – outline permission for 2 houses granted.

SKITTLE ALLEY AT REC FIELD – planning application lapsed.

Erection of replacement garage, barn/stable and field shelter at MENDIP VIEW, LEIGH ROAD – the plans were very difficult to read and it was agreed to comment on this to District. No objection to the building.

An enquiry as to whether the stables built at Tadhill needed permission had been received. Mendip District Council will be asked. CLERK

A Parishioner asked if the PC had received a planning application for a Tetra Mast at Cranmore which had been publicized in an article in the Western Daily Press of 29/01/01. No information had been given to this PC, clarification will be requested. CLERK

RECREATION FIELD – Minutes circulated. AG had no further report.


JW drew attention to a blast that day at around 4 pm. It had also been noted by a resident at the other end of the village, information will be requested. CLERK

It was suggested that a Parish Meeting ought to be called to discuss the Halecombe Planning Application – this will be considered.

At the meeting of the EAST MENDIP RURAL TASK FORCE members had been told that no enforcement will take place over planning matters unless public safety, listed buildings or serious environmental matters are involved.



Press release for Parish Warden Scheme, Mendip Biodiversity info, Crimebeat pack RFMC Minutes were circulated.

SCC elections will be in May, School Admissions document available on request – not needed by PC. A rep for the SCC Corporate Team was requested – no volunteers.


3 APRIL both at 1930h in the School.












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