Councillors present: G Jeanes, M Loten, P Moore, N Park, Chairman J Wright, &

A Gould who sent his apologies as he would be late arriving.

Also in attendance was PC Martin Smith – village beat officer.

G Cawood, District Councillor, sent her apologies.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record & signed.

MATTERS ARISING – all letters sent.

QUARRY MATTERS – Halecombe Quarry had held an exhibition in the Hall of their proposals for the future of the quarry. The Clerk reported that Somerset had not yet received the planning application. A parishioner had approached her to ask if a Parish Meeting would be held when the application had been received.

YOUTH MATTERS – The Clerk had spoken to Alison Herbert to try and get more information about the ‘shelters’ for young people to meet in. Still not a lot of info but she believed any grants made would be dependent on their being adult supervision.

LITTER – Mendip District Council would empty a bin near the Bus Shelter if the PC provided it – care would be needed when choosing a site. NP offered the litter bin from the shop when it is closed. His offer was gratefully accepted.

BURIAL GRANTS – the same basic grant as last year will be given, there is no need for an application form to be filled in.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – email from Frank Lake: no plans to do any major road repairs in Leigh Parish but holes etc will be patched. The milestone at LJH, signpost at Downhead xroads and barrier near Grove Shute Farm will be will be repaired; on Pitten Street the slocker will be dug out and rings built to prevent it blocking; Blackers Lane – work done on the spring and road patched; Barns Close gully will be jetted out and something will be done about the flooding problem.

Footpaths – from Sheila Petherbridge. Signposts will be repaired where needed. Stiles are the farmers responsibility, new ones are available on request. No work due to Foot and Mouth. This has also stopped a schedule of work being prepared by GJ & the Clerk.


AG arrived during this item.

GJ, ML & the Clerk had attended a presentation by Inspector Lindsey Poole of Avon and Somerset Police held in Coleford on 5/03/01. ML presented a report.

In the participating areas the scheme aims, among other things to: reduce levels and fear of crime; reduce anti-social behaviour; maintain a visible presence help to tackle vandalism and direct people to the correct agencies for problems/queries. There are 4 pilot areas in this first rural scheme in the country which will run for a 2 year trial period. Funding of £165k has been given by the government and the matching funding has been raised locally - in our area £12,500 has been raised: £1k from the Countryside Agency, £1k from MDC, £4k from SCC, £4,300 from CFIRS, £!k from Mendip Quarry Producers and £1200 from Parish Councils. Two wardens will be employed for each area with a Manager. The police will interview for the positions and provide training and support. Job adverts will appear very soon and it is planned that the scheme will start on 30 April 2001.

If the PC still wanted to participate in the scheme LP asked that a letter indicating this with details of the parish rep be sent to her a.s.a.p. Two members from each local steering group will go on to the Management Group. The aim was for the PWs to be controlled locally and to answer local needs.

M Smith assured Councillors that villages would be patrolled on foot and an equal time would be allocated to participating parishes. Contact with wardens would be via mobile phones and 7day/24hour cover will be given.

The PC agreed unanimously to participate in the project. JW agreed to join the steering committee. CLERK

M Smith was asked what could be done about the youths in the village meeting in the bus shelter etc – until an offence is committed police intervention is very limited, this is something that the PW might be able to tackle.

MS will attend the AGM. CLERK


The closure of the village post office will take place around 16 May. The facility is being advertised and JW had met Jane Eldon of Post Office Counters to look at possible premises in the village. The Social Club had been ruled out as had the Hall. ML pointed out that the room to the left of the main door had been constructed with a view to being a box office or something similar. NP offered to approach the Hall Committee about its possible use, JW will contact J Eldon. NP/JW

The village will be leafleted if the Hall is found to be suitable with details. CLERK


JW proposed inviting Peter Knowles to join the PC, AG seconded and all agreed. NP will speak to him. NP


The financial report was accepted as a true record and signed.

WEB SITE – a comparison of the difference between the present package and the Magic Starter package was given to Councillors. It was agreed that the cheaper option was suitable for the PC’s needs. The Clerk has contacted the Web Master who was writing her a programme to enable her to update the PC site. JW proposed keeping the site, opting for the smaller Magic Starter package and asking Somerset Computing to take over the administration of the site. PM seconded and all agreed. CLERK

GRANT TO PARISH MAGAZINE – a request for funding had been received, ML suggested that the PC took an advert at the cost of £10pa. JW proposed giving a grant of £90 + £10 for an advert to the Magazine. NP seconded and all agreed. Cheque 340 on the PC current a/c was made out and signed.

PHOTOCOPY BILL – From Somerset Computing of £38.55 + £6.75 VAT = £45.30

ML proposed payment, GJ seconded all agreed. Cheque 341 made out and signed.

CEMETERY CLERK’S SALARY – Salary £57.26 + Expenses £15.00 = £72.32

NP proposed payment, GJ seconded, all agreed. Cheque 16 on the Cemetery a/c was made out and signed. ML/CLERK


Permission had been given by Mendip District Council for the PC to manage the mowing contract.

Quotes for the mowing had been received from David Jarvis - £550 for 15 cuts and Garden Services - £95 per cut, £1425 for 15. It was agreed to ask D Jarvis to maintain the Cemetery and churchyard. CEMETERY CLERK

J Pattison had asked if she could plant prickly shrubs on the churchyard side of their garden wall. It was agreed that ML would find out more. ML


Following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth in the country information had been obtained from SCC and notices of Footpath Closures had been printed, laminated by GJ and put up on each footpath access. JW thanked GJ for all his work.

NP expressed his disappointment that the FP in Barn Close had been closed as it was not through farm land and meant that dog walkers did not have to risk walking on the country lanes. The Clerk explained that the Closure Order applied to all rural paths.

SCC have asked the PC to designate the areas in the Parish that they would like to see subject to a 30mph limit. This is part of an exercise and there is no guarantee that the zone will be extended. It was agreed to ask for the zone to extend from Town’s End to Knap Hill. CLERK

GJ reported that the field bordering onto Knap Hill was in the process of being sold, when he knew who the new owners were he would approach them about lowering the road hedge.

A letter of concern about parking on the road outside The Pastures had been received. It was agreed that the situation would have to be assessed when the development was completed.

The Clerk had complained to Environmental Health about the litter on Stocks Lane from the building site. Large bits of litter had been cleared but there was still a lot of polystyrene.


No plans for stables at Paddock View, Tadhill had been received by Mendip District Council.

MILLENNIUM SEAT – carried forward. CLERK

Concern over the stone used in the wall at the Townsend Farm development had been relayed to M DC .


Lease - next agenda. CLERK


Minerals Plan – revised copy circulated. It was felt no concessions had been made.




East Area SALC meeting cancelled due to Foot and Mouth.

CIRCULATED – The Clerk; Local Council Review; Rec Field Minutes; DETR consultation paper – Model Code of Conduct for members response wanted by 27/04/01; SLCC new constitution comments by 10/03/01; SCC Annual Report 1999/200.


AGM/APM 8 MAY 2001














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