Councillors present: A Gould, M Loten, & J Wright, Chairman.

Apologies were accepted from G Jeanes, P Moore and N Park.

G Cawood, District Councillor, sent her apologies.

Peter Knowles was welcomed as a co-opted Councillor and signed a Declaration form.

Alan Everard from Halecombe Quarry was in attendance and was invited to speak to the meeting. He had come to explain that the work to raise the level of the Bund around the western section of the quarry was not a pre-emption of the application just submitted but was part of the agreed work from the application already granted which allowed for the height of the bank to be raised by 1-2metres. Quarrying had not actually taken place as close to this part of the Bund as permitted under the current permission due to the poor quality of the stone and the area was being filled in and re-profiled. A SCC officer had visited the site to look at what was being done. AE left more copies of the recently submitted Planning Application.

Mr and Mrs Anderson from Whitehole Hill asked Councillors if anything could be done about the fly tipping in that area. They had reported 2 burnt out cars and builders rubble that had been tipped over the road in the vicinity of Soho/Barns Close but felt that the reaction of the people at Mendip to them when they phone to report things was very negative. While Councillors sympathized with them it was agreed that there was very little that Mendip were willing to do. It was hoped that this was something that the Parish Warden may be able to help with. The PC will ask for ‘No Tipping’ signs to be put up on Whitehole Hill and ask parishioners to be vigilant in trying to identify culprits. CLERK

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted as a true record & signed.

MATTERS ARISING – all letters sent.

YOUTH MATTERS – some young people had been sent by ML to talk to J Robson of the RFMC and had subsequently attended a Rec Field committee meeting. They had identified that they would like a basket ball net which JR had priced at around £1000. The youths were going to raise some money towards the project and had taken part in the village clean-up day to raise money. The Clerk had given JR information about the ‘Crimebeat’ initiative and was trying to arrange for someone from Somerset Youth Service to attend the Annual Parish Meeting. CLERK

ROADS AND FOOTPATHS – work has been done on the spring in Blackers Lane.

VILLAGE SHOP - JW had spoken to Jane Eldon of Post Office Counters who seems supportive of the idea of keeping a post office facility in the village. She had looked at the village hall and was planning to bring the person interested in opening the facility to look at the premises. There was nothing in the Charity rules to stop a business being run from the Hall but a commercial rent must be charged for the space. The Hall Committee supported the idea and it was thought grants were available for alterations that may be needed. ML said that others were interested in running the facility.

WEB SITE – nothing to report yet. CLERK

CEMETERY – mowing contract placed. Shrubs. ML


New rules expanding the band of Council income to allow for simpler accounting were coming in to force. As ML had already set up the accounts to conform to a higher standard it was felt that unless it would be a lot cheaper to simplify them we would not alter our method. CLERK

The April Financial Statement was accepted as a true record and signed.


JW signed the PC bank statement sheet 70, dated March 9. The Clerk had ascertained that a close of the financial year statement was being sent.

SALC sub of £69.20 had been received. JW proposed paying, ML seconded all agreed. Cheque 342 was made out and signed.

COMMUNITY COUNCIL sub of £10 – JW proposed payment, ML seconded all agreed. Cheque 343 made out and signed.

AGE CONCERN request for a grant – PK proposed £25, AG seconded and all agreed. Cheque 344 made out and signed.

Transfer form for £600 from PO Investment to current a/c made out & signed. CLERK

Copies of the end of year accounts were circulated.


Letter from SCC asking the PC to identify paths to be opened was to hand. It was agreed that no recommendations would be made as yet but the situation would be reviewed next month. AG asked if cricketers could use the Rec Field. CLERK


PADDOCK VIEW stables –M D C to investigate.

TOWNSEND FARM DEVELOPMENT – the Clerk had complained about the use of Cotswold stone for the wall around the front gardens. The Enforcement Officer did not feel that action needed to be taken and that the wall material was suitable. The Clerk and the Chairman had protested about this course of action as it made a mockery of the Village Design Statement. Cllr Cawood had added her voice to that of the PC.

GREAT HOUSE FARM – demolition of current kitchen and erection of replacement extension, installation of 4 roof lights and replacement of timber porch window frames with stone mullioned. The PC supported this application – use of natural stone in line with VDS. CLERK

RECREATION FIELD – Minutes circulated

HALL – Request will be made for copy of Hall meeting minutes. CLERK

DETR CODE OF CONDUCT – it was felt that it did not apply to small parishes.


An agricultural support unit is being set up headed by Charlotte Woodward.


Talked about the split of SALC & Community Council.

RURAL WHITE PAPER – small PC’s can be quality councils. £2 million fund set up for PC training of which a disproportionate amount appears to have been initially allocated for setting up and staffing the project.

NP was to attend a meeting of the Transport committee and had asked Councillors for any ideas for improving transport facilities in the village other than the provision of a bus to get workers to Wells by 9am weekdays and to Frome by 9am on Saturday. These suggestions were supported. CLERK



Displayed on Notice Boards – Mendip Volunteer Bureau Vacancies; Frome Hospital Appeal; Easter refuse Collection timetable.

CIRCULATED – NHS Primary Care papers; SLCC spring meeting, accounts etc; Mendip District Council Parish Info Bulletin; Local Council Review for March; THATCH; Community Update; Village of the Year entry form; SALC Minutes etc.

Given to AG for Rec – Playing Field issue 5; info about inspection of play equipment.

Info regarding DTI grants given to K Cockroft (Hall).

PC Seminar 9/04 at Cannards Grave Road – ML & JW to attend.

NEXT MEETING - 24APRIL AT 7.30 IN THE HALL Agenda – Adoption of yearly accounts and Halecombe Planning Application. C Herbert of SCC will be invited.

AGM/APM – 8 MAY in the HALL 7.30pm.











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