JW proposed adoption of the Minutes of the APM of 9 May 2000, NP seconded and all agreed. The Minutes were signed as a true record.

PARISH COUNCIL REPORT given by John Wright, Parish Council Chairman.

Cemetery – the maintenance of the closed churchyard was passed to Mendip District Council, they are now proposing to hand it back to the PC and to fund the daily maintenance from the Precept. Major projects will be funded by Mendip and by raising a special parish rate if necessary.

Planning – the development at Townsend Farm ignored the VDS and the local stone wall was actually made from Cotswold stone which the PC did not deem as being ‘local’. This matter was being taken up with everyone possible.

Halecombe Quarry – the PC response had tried to incorporate as many views as possible and copies of the response were available for Parishioners to read. It was felt it was an unnecessary extension and refusal was recommended.

The Precept requested for 2001-02 was modest. It had been agreed to maintain a Website at the cost of under £100. However it was only as good as the information put on it so organizations were requested to keep the Clerk informed of future events so these could be incorporated.

Footpaths were currently still closed, the PC or landowners can apply for exemptions to open paths. The PC had decided in April to defer recommending any paths to be opened but it was agreed after discussion to liaise with the landowners to see if the path around the quarry could be opened. GJ

Parish Warden Scheme – information from PC Smith later.

Young People – Jane Abrahall from Somerset Youth Service and Colin Wright from the Rural Youth Service had been invited to talk on this matter.

Rural White Paper – it was felt it did not really apply to L-O-M PC.

Questions were invited from the floor – Some parishioners felt that advertising meetings on the 2 notice boards was insufficient and were upset that they had missed the 24 April meeting when the Halecombe Quarry application was discussed. It was agreed that in the case of an extra meeting notices would be put on lamp posts etc as well as on the boards.

The question of young people in the village was raised – a parent suggested that people with complaints talk to the parents of the children concerned if they felt intimidated or were having eggs, vegetables thrown at their homes.

JW welcomed Jane Abrahall and Colin Wright.

JA said that young people of all ages were causing concern across the county. She stressed the importance of consulting the youngsters concerned when any plans for provision for them was being made. The County Youth Service can offer advice, possibly training for future workers and some facilities but are unable to offer someone to run a youth club. Grants may be available from Mendip District Council. It was agreed that young people did not always want to meet where there was adult supervision. CW said that the Rural Youth Service had a trailer and facility available that could be brought to the village on a short term basis, during the time it was visiting the village discussions and help would be given to allow a permanent facility to be set up. JA said she and Alison Herbert (Mendip) were trying to put together a training course in the autumn for youth workers. It may be possible to have the ‘trailer’ in the village on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday evening – arrangements will be made and the Parish kept informed.

JR said that he, as Chairman of the Rec Field, had been approached by some of the young people to provide a basketball facility at the Field, they had already started to raise some of the money needed towards the cost of £1500. Discussion on ways to raise money – grants from Mendip, the PC, landfill tax, Fete committee.

JA and CW were thanked for coming. Details on the mobile youth facility will be passed to parishioners as they become available.


Report enclosed.

He was asked about the schedule for the completion of the car park – he was attending to the drawings and then had to approach local quarries for the materials.

He was thanked for his report.

POLICE REPORT by PC Martin Smith

He has been appointed as beat manager for the 7 parishes including Leigh, a 2 year appointment and his brief is to work more closely with the community. This does not mean that he personally will respond to each call from the village, the response will come from whoever is on duty in Frome. In the last 12 months there have been 24 reported crimes in Leigh: 3 burglaries, 1 attempted burglary, 1 assault, 6 cases of criminal damage to vehicles, 8 thefts from vehicles, 3 thefts and 2 unauthorized taking of vehicles.

The Parish Wardens would be on the street on 4 June. Their actual job was still to be decided but they would have no power of arrest and would be working with the community to address nuisance problems. One of the areas they may be active in is building links with the youth of the village.

JW thanked MS for attending the meeting.


JW reported that there would be a period when the village shop closed before the post office facility to be run by Holcombe Post Office in the Hall opened. People did not have to change the name of the office where they collect their pension etc for a couple of weeks by which time it was hoped the facility would be operational.


Mrs Margaret Baker of 10 Park Hayes has been designated as the prescriptions holder for Leigh and provided with a locked cabinet. The surgery and the Village Shop have information about the collection times for repeat medication requests.


For information about the East Mendip Connector please contact Neville Park.

Their being no further matters raised the Meeting closed and refreshments were served.


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