Councillors present: Chairman J Wright, G Jeanes, P Knowles, M Loten, P Moore,

N Park and A Gould who arrived late.


3 APRIL 2001 – HALECOMBE QUARRY it was noted that Mendip District Council had recommended refusal of the planning application.

YOUTH MATTERS – following the APM a mobile youth facility was available at the Rec Field on Tuesday evenings for the next 2 months. JW reported that the English Basketball Association had given a ring and the fittings to the Rec Field. It needed a court and this had to be completed by the end of June. He had suggested that JR contacted Cllr Cawood to enquire about grant aid available for projects like this.

ROADS & FOOTPATHS – From WS Atkins the local highway technician responsible for identifying and carrying out highway maintenance in our area is Neil Jones 01373 467526. This information will be put on the notice boards. CLERK

The Minutes were accepted as a true record and signed.

24 APRIL 2001 – a letter concerning the Halecombe Quarry planning application had been sent to SCC.

The Minutes were accepted as a true record and signed.

AGM 8 MAY 2001 – Peter Knowles has agreed to be the PC rep on the Parish Warden Steering Committee. He will attend the next meeting with JW.

HALL GRANT – cheque sent to N Haskins the Hall Chairman. ML had pointed out to the Hall Committee that they may need planning permission for the new storage shed.

Three copies of the Minutes, one each for the National Savings and the Nat West Banks to confirm the signatories for the bank accounts, were signed. CLERK

[A Gould arrived]


JW proposed the acceptance of the June Financial Statement, NP seconded and all agreed. The statement was signed.

CURRENT A/C: - INSURANCE PREMIUM (Cornhill) of £122.22 fell due on 1 June 2001. PM proposed payment, GJ seconded, all agreed. Cheque 346 made out & signed.

HALL RENT for meetings held on 24/04 and 8/05 of £16 was due. JW proposed payment, AG seconded and all agreed. Cheque 347 was made out and signed. CLERK

A bill for the PC contribution to the PARISH WARDEN SCHEME for £235 had been received from Mendip. This had been questioned by the Clerk as the sum agreed in December 2000 was £200, she had been informed that VAT had accidentally been added and that a new bill for £200 would be sent out. JW proposed paying a grant of £200 to Mendip District Council, NP seconded and a majority agreed. The cheque will be made out when the corrected bill arrives. CLERK

CEMETERY A/C – MOWING BILL for 4 & 18 May for £68.75. ML proposed payment, NP seconded and all agreed. Cheque 18 made out and signed. ML

The BURIAL GRANT of £300 had arrived and been given to the Cemetery Clerk.

The Clerk reported that as yet Mendip did not know the date of the AUDIT. She had contacted the Coleford Clerk and asked to be informed when their notice arrived.

JW reported on an article in the CLERK saying that a committee was recommending that council’s paid a flat fee for audit, starting at £30 for smaller councils.


It was agreed not to apply for a Footpath Grant from Mendip this year.

GJ reported that the Church Drain needed clearing. It was agreed that a schedule of work be put together now that some of the footpaths had been opened. CLERK/GJ

KISSING GATE – the Clerk will contact S Petherbridge, Mendip, to see if any grants are available. It was also agreed to find out if there was any reduction if 2 gates were purchased. An official letter ordering the gate/s will be given to GJ so the purchase can be completed. CLERK/GJ

A complaint about a "Beware of the Bull" sign at Pitten Street will be investigated. Also GJ will contact Halecombe Quarry to find out who farms the land opposite Great House Farm so that efforts can be made to keep the footpath clear. GJ

RURAL INTERCHANGE IN SOMERSET document and information about grants from the Countryside Agency circulated.


JW reported that in the Jan ‘Local Council Review’ a proposal by Devon that a simple form on which objections to planning decisions could be made had been adopted for submission to the national association.

Baltonsborough PC asked for the PCs experiences with Mendip Planning Dept. CLERK

JW reported that he had written to the leader of Mendip District Council about the wall at the Pastures. He had visited the site and the matter was being considered by the District Council Appeals Committee.


NP expressed concern that a number of the householders whose property backed onto the car park had installed gates into the area. He was concerned that if no action was taken they would establish rights of access. AG said that it was proposed to plant a hedge around the perimeter. JR will be consulted. CLERK

The Clerk drew the attention of Councillors to the state of the first part of the track owned by the Parish Council, she queried whether it ought to be tidied and used as the footpath route.

HALL – a meeting was taking place to discuss the playgroup and the Post Office.


JW had attended a meeting about the Parish Wardens at Portishead. No job definition has yet been worked out. PK had spoken to Martin Smith and had been told that the wardens would have to patrol together because of Health & Safety factors.

ML and JW had attended a meeting about the Churchyard Best Value Review at Mendip. Due to a letter received from Derek Hooper of Mendip offering Leigh the option of a meeting to discuss the future of St Giles’s closed Churchyard it was agreed to write and invite him to the next PC to discuss costs involved if the PC took over responsibility for the area. ML’s notes from the meeting were added to the circulation. CLERK


Local Council Review for May; Air Quality Report from Mendip; Mendip Volunteer Bureau Newsletter; information from SCC re footpaths; Mendip PC News circulated.

ML showed a draft of the PC advert for the Parish Magazine that she had designed. The web site details will be added and then it will be submitted to the editor.

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS 3 July 2001 and 7 August 2001.




















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